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Tree Compiler-Compiler
The treecc program is designed to assist in the development of compilers
and other language-based tools. It manages the generation of code to handle
abstract syntax trees and operations upon the trees.
A fuller account of why treecc exists and what it can be used for can
be found in the HTML documentation within the "doc\html" subdirectory,
and in the introductory article "doc\intro.html".
Installing Treecc
The zip file should be unpacked in a new directory on your hard drive.
For example, "C:\Treecc". Then add "C:\Treecc\bin" to your PATH to
be able to run the tool.
To uninstall treecc, simply delete the entire contents of the install
Obtaining the source and more recent versions
The latest version of treecc can be obtained from the following Web site:
The source code is also available from this site, under the terms of the
GNU General Public License.
The authors can be contacted via e-mail at the following address:
Copyright Considerations
Treecc is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
A copy of this can be found in the "COPYING" file.
However, it is not our intention to restrict the use of treecc to only
free software providers. Use by commercial software vendors is welcome.
When you use treecc on your own input files to generate source code as
output, the resulting source code files are also owned by you. You may
re-distribute unmodified copies of these output source files, and any
binaries derived from them, in any way you see fit. Executing treecc on
your input files does not automatically incur obligations under the GPL.
If you modify treecc itself, and generate new output files as a result,
then you must release all source modifications to treecc with your program
so that other users can benefit from your changes under the terms of the GPL.
Contact the authors if you have any questions regarding the above.
It is our intention to allow the same amount of access to treecc output
files as is currently available using the GNU Bison and Flex programs.