-Added __str__() and __repr__() methods to pefile's structures. Now it's possible to navigate through the contents much more comfortably from an interactive Python command line. Just typing the name of a structure or doing a print on it will return all the fields and their contents.
-Bugs fixed when parsing the resource information
-Improved parsing of imported symbols. Import by ordinal and name is much more clear now. The ImportData instances have a new attribute, 'import_by_ordinal', indicating whether a symbol is imported by name, in that case the 'ordinal' attributes will contain the ordinal. Otherwise the attribute 'name' will contain the name of the imported symbol.
-Added CheckSum verification and generation methods. verify_checksum() will return True/False indicating whether the value in the file's OptionalHeader CheckSum field contains the real CheckSum of the file. generate_checksum() will calculate the checksum over the file's data. If one modifies fields and writes the changes to disk it's possible to update the checksum by reloading the modified field and setting the CheckSum field to generate_checksum()'s result.
-Other minor fixes

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