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// Copyright 2010 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by an Apache-style license that can be
// found in the COPYING file.
// Key and value names of the location of the RLZ shared state.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "rlz/lib/rlz_enums.h"
namespace rlz_lib {
// Ping CGI arguments:
// Events are reported as (without spaces):
// kEventsCgiVariable = <AccessPoint1><Event1> kEventsCgiSeparator <P2><E2>...
// Event responses from the server look like:
// kEventsCgiVariable : <AccessPoint1><Event1> kEventsCgiSeparator <P2><E2>...
// RLZ's are reported as (without spaces):
// kRlzCgiVariable = <AccessPoint> <kRlzCgiIndicator> <RLZ value>
// <kRlzCgiSeparator> <AP2><Indicator><V2><Separator> ....
// RLZ responses from the server look like (without spaces):
// kRlzCgiVariable<Access Point> : <RLZ value>
// DCC if reported should look like (without spaces):
// kDccCgiVariable = <DCC Value>
// RLS if reported should look like (without spaces):
// kRlsCgiVariable = <RLS Value>
// Machine ID if reported should look like (without spaces):
// kMachineIdCgiVariable = <Machine ID Value>
// A server response setting / confirming the DCC will look like (no spaces):
// kDccCgiVariable : <DCC Value>
// Each ping to the server must also contain kProtocolCgiArgument as well.
// Pings may also contain (but not necessarily controlled by this Lib):
// - The product signature: kProductSignatureCgiVariable = <signature>
// - The product brand: kProductBrandCgiVariable = <brand>
// - The product installation ID: kProductIdCgiVariable = <id>
extern const char kEventsCgiVariable[];
extern const char kStatefulEventsCgiVariable[];
extern const char kEventsCgiSeparator;
extern const char kDccCgiVariable[];
extern const char kProtocolCgiArgument[];
extern const char kProductSignatureCgiVariable[];
extern const char kProductBrandCgiVariable[];
extern const char kProductLanguageCgiVariable[];
extern const char kProductIdCgiVariable[];
extern const char kRlzCgiVariable[];
extern const char kRlzCgiSeparator[];
extern const char kRlzCgiIndicator[];
extern const char kRlsCgiVariable[];
extern const char kMachineIdCgiVariable[];
extern const char kSetDccResponseVariable[];
// Financial ping server information.
extern const char kFinancialPingPath[];
extern const char kFinancialServer[];
extern const int kFinancialPort;
extern const int64 kEventsPingInterval;
extern const int64 kNoEventsPingInterval;
extern const char kFinancialPingUserAgent[];
extern const char* kFinancialPingResponseObjects[];
// The names for AccessPoints and Events that we use MUST be the same
// as those used/understood by the server.
const char* GetAccessPointName(AccessPoint point);
bool GetAccessPointFromName(const char* name, AccessPoint* point);
const char* GetEventName(Event event);
bool GetEventFromName(const char* name, Event* event);
// The names for products are used only client-side.
const char* GetProductName(Product product);
} // namespace rlz_lib