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// Copyright 2012 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// A class that take care of initializing asan run-time library.
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/synchronization/lock.h"
#include "syzygy/agent/asan/asan_heap.h"
#include "syzygy/agent/asan/asan_heap_checker.h"
#include "syzygy/agent/asan/stack_capture.h"
#include "syzygy/agent/common/dlist.h"
#include "syzygy/common/asan_parameters.h"
namespace agent {
namespace asan {
// Forward declarations.
class AsanLogger;
// An Asan Runtime manager.
// This class takes care of initializing the different modules (stack cache,
// logger...) and provide the functions to report an error.
// Basic usage:
// AsanRuntime* asan_runtime = new AsanRuntime();
// std::wstring asan_flags_str;
// AsanRuntime::GetAsanFlagsEnvVar(&asan_flags_str);
// asan_runtime->SetUp(asan_flags_str); // Initialize the modules.
// ...
// AsanErrorInfo bad_access_info = {};
// ::RtlCaptureContext(&bad_access_info.context);
// StackCapture stack;
// stack.InitFromStack();
// stack.set_stack_id(stack.ComputeRelativeStackId());
// bad_access_info.crash_stack_id = stack.stack_id();
// asan_runtime->OnError(&bad_access_info);
// asan_runtime->TearDown(); // Release the modules.
// delete asan_runtime;
class AsanRuntime {
typedef std::set<StackCapture::StackId> StackIdSet;
typedef std::vector<HeapProxy*> HeapVector;
// The type of callback used by the OnError function.
typedef base::Callback<void(AsanErrorInfo*)> AsanOnErrorCallBack;
// @name Accessors.
// @{
AsanLogger* logger() {
DCHECK(logger_.get() != NULL);
return logger_.get();
StackCaptureCache* stack_cache() {
DCHECK(stack_cache_.get() != NULL);
return stack_cache_.get();
// @}
// Initialize asan runtime library.
// @param flags_command_line The parameters string.
void SetUp(const std::wstring& flags_command_line);
// Release asan runtime library.
void TearDown();
// The error handler.
// @param error_info The information about this error.
void OnError(AsanErrorInfo* error_info);
// Set the callback called on error.
// TODO(sebmarchand): Move the signature of this callback to an header file
// so it'll be easier to update it.
void SetErrorCallBack(const AsanOnErrorCallBack& callback);
// Try to read the Asan environment variable.
// @param env_var_wstr The wstring where to store the environment variable.
// returns true on success, false otherwise.
static bool GetAsanFlagsEnvVar(std::wstring* env_var_wstr);
// Add a heap proxy to the heap proxies list.
void AddHeap(HeapProxy* heap);
// Remove a heap proxy from the heap proxies list.
void RemoveHeap(HeapProxy* heap);
// Returns true if we should ignore the given @p stack_id, false
// otherwise.
bool ShouldIgnoreError(common::AsanStackId stack_id) const {
// TODO(sebmarchand): Keep a list of the stack ids that have already been
// reported so we can avoid reporting the same error multiple times.
return params_.ignored_stack_ids_set.find(stack_id) !=
// Get information about a bad access.
// @param bad_access_info Will receive the information about this access.
void GetBadAccessInformation(AsanErrorInfo* error_info);
// The name of the environment variable containing the command-line.
static const char kSyzygyAsanOptionsEnvVar[];
// Accessors for runtime parameters.
common::InflatedAsanParameters& params() { return params_; }
const common::InflatedAsanParameters& params() const { return params_; }
// Fill a vector with all the active heaps.
// @param heap_vector Will receive the active heaps.
void GetHeaps(HeapVector* heap_vector);
// Propagate the values of the flags to the target modules.
void PropagateParams() const;
// @returns the space required to write the provided corrupt heap info.
// @param corrupt_ranges The corrupt range info.
size_t CalculateCorruptHeapInfoSize(
const HeapChecker::CorruptRangesVector& corrupt_ranges);
// Writes corrupt heap information to the provided buffer. This will write
// as much of the information as possible in the space provided.
// @param corrupt_ranges The corrupt range info.
// @param buffer_size The size of the buffer to be written to. May be zero.
// @param buffer The location where data will be written. May be null.
// @param error_info The written heap metadata will be wired up to the
// provided error_info.
void WriteCorruptHeapInfo(
const HeapChecker::CorruptRangesVector& corrupt_ranges,
size_t buffer_size,
void* buffer,
AsanErrorInfo* error_info);
// Logs information about an ASAN error.
void LogAsanErrorInfo(AsanErrorInfo* error_info);
// Set up the logger.
void SetUpLogger();
// Tear down the logger.
void TearDownLogger();
// Set up the stack cache.
void SetUpStackCache();
// Tear down the stack cache.
void TearDownStackCache();
// The unhandled exception filter registered by this runtime. This is used
// to catch unhandled exceptions so we can augment them with information
// about the corrupt heap.
static LONG WINAPI UnhandledExceptionFilter(
struct _EXCEPTION_POINTERS* exception);
// @name Static variables related to unhandled exception filtering (UEF).
// @{
static base::Lock lock_; // Lock for all runtimes.
static AsanRuntime* runtime_; // Singleton. Under lock_.
static LPTOP_LEVEL_EXCEPTION_FILTER previous_uef_; // Under lock_.
static bool uef_installed_; // Under lock_.
// @}
// The shared logger instance that will be used by all heap proxies.
scoped_ptr<AsanLogger> logger_;
// The shared stack cache instance that will be used by all heap proxies.
scoped_ptr<StackCaptureCache> stack_cache_;
// The asan error callback functor.
AsanOnErrorCallBack asan_error_callback_;
// The heap proxies list lock.
base::Lock heap_proxy_dlist_lock_;
// The heap proxies list.
LIST_ENTRY heap_proxy_dlist_; // Under heap_proxy_dlist_lock.
// The runtime parameters.
common::InflatedAsanParameters params_;
} // namespace asan
} // namespace agent