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Syzygy Release Notes
[-----] Fixed some XP compatibility issues.
[r2094] Cast the return value of HeapFree to a boolean before checking it.
[r2064] Plumb runtime ASAN parameters through instrumentation to the runtime
[-----] First build with VS2013.
[r2059] Add instrumentation subsampling support to ASan instrumenter.
[r2056] SyzyASAN - Block checksums now validated as they exit the quarantine.
[r2049] SyzyASAN - Fix to quarantine to prevent flushing it when overly large
blocks are inserted. Also modifies eviction policy to be random.
[r2029] Add --no-logo flag to Syzygy tool command line parsing to allow for
fully silent execution.
[r2025] SyzyASan - Add a checksum to ASan's blocks and use it to prevent heap
[r2023] Add dumping of MSToolEnv to pdb_dumper.
[r2012] Now officially building with VS2013.
[r2010] swapimport.exe now works with 64-bit binaries.
[r1989] Fix to reorderer to make it use the same decomposer as the relinker.
[r1983] Small fix to decompose_image_to_text which was causing failed official
builder tests.
[r1979] Created swapimport.exe utility.
[r1978] SyzyASAN - Fix for improperly intercepted CRT functions with custom
calling conventions in LTCG builds.
[r1969] SyzyASAN - Wide character CRT string function interceptors.
[r1957] Full VS2013 support.
[r1955] PEHacker is now fully functional. First release.
[r1934] Switched to using new decomposer.
[r1906] Various fixes for VS2013 support.
[r1893] Fix the failures on the decomposer unittests for the official build.
[r1892] SyzyASan - Add the header and the lib file of syzyasan_rtl.dll to the
released binaries.
[r1889] SyzyASan - Interception of the ReadFile and WriteFile functions.
[r1864] Bug fix for sampling profiler grinder.
[r1862] SyzyASan - Implementation of the API for the nested heaps.
[r1840] Improved integration testing for profiler.
[r1838] Refactor HeapProxy to expose the redzoning functions in an API.
[r1827] New instrumentation mode for profiler.
[r1819] Fixes for broken sample grinder unittests in official build mode.
[r1817] Sampling profiler now supports KCacheGrind output format.
[r1814] Fixes to benchmarking scripts to handle multi-DLL Chrome builds.
[-----] Build infrastructure changes to support renamed ASAN RTL.
[r1807] SyzyASan - Reduce the contention in StackCaptureCache.
[r1791] SyzyASan - Rename asan_rtl.dll to syzyasan_rtl.dll
[r1787] Add branch events buffering to the instrumenter.
[r1768] SyzyASan - Fix an ugly bug in the way we were setting up the filter in
[r1759] SyzyASan - Add ASAN RTL support for a quarantine size/trailer padding
size experiment.
[r1758] SyzyASan - Use the CRT interceptors by default.
[r1750] SyzyASan - Adds a parameter to the command line to specify the blocks
padding size.
[r1738] SyzyASan - Support for new Breakpad exported functions.
[r1737] Fix to benchmarking automation scripts to more cleanly shutdown Chrome.
[r1729] Full grinder support for sampling profiler data.
[r1722] Fix to PDB generation to handle large PDBs.
[r1716] Flaky unittest fixit. Fixed 4 cases of known occasional test failures.
[r1715] reorder.exe can handle multiple instrumented modules.
[r1713] Chrome optimization scripts updated to handle multi-DLL builds.
[r1695] SyzyASan - Implemented interceptors of CRT string.h functions.
[r1684] SyzyASan - Enable the redundant checks analysis by default.
[r1679] SyzyASan - Add a logging message when a minidump is saved to the disk.
[r1678] Add the PDB of our binaries to the binaries-syms archive.
[r1650] Sampling profiler (sampler.exe) now fully functional.
[r1636] Add --sampling-interval and --bucket-size parameters to sampler.exe.
[r1624] Turn on the liveness analysis for the asan instrumentation.
[r1617] Refactor the instrumenter application.
[r1581] Add bb and dromaeo modes into benchmark/optimize scripts.
[-----] Build infrastructure changes to properly source index this build.
[r1578] SyzyASan - Bugfix to Realloc.
[r1567] Various bugfixes to make Syzygy able to decompose Adobe Flash binaries.
[r1566] SyzyASan - Added reference counting and reuse to stack cache.
[r1542] SyzyASan - Remove use of a kernel32 import that was not available on XP.
[r1529] SyzyASan - More performance improvements to slow path.
[r1524] Update asan rtl for minidump generation.
[r1523] Add mini-dump generation to the logger.
[r1520] Reduce the memory overhead per block and add the TIDs to the header.
[r1503] Add more aggressive optimization settings to our official builds.
[r1490] SyzyASan - Cut shadow size in half.
[r1469] Disable DCHECKs in official builds.
[r1466] SyzyASan - Make the slow path faster.
[r1460] SyzyASan - Include all stack frames by default.
[r1459] SyzyASan - Fix asan logger shutdown on error.
[r1456] SyzyASan - Capture time between free and use-after-free.
[r1444] SyzyASan - Use breakpad key/value pairs to label crashes.
[r1443] SyzyASan - Leave contents of freed blocks intact for better debugging.
[r1425] SyzyASan - Save crash analyses to the stack.
[r1424] SyzyASan - Directly report crashes via breakpad, if available.
[r1417] Fix parsing to support trace files larger than 4GB.
[r1411] SyzyASan - Add support for string and other special instructions.
[r1390] New genfilter tool for creating image filters.
[r1389] Runtime filtering of SyzyASan bugs by stack-trace IDs.
[r1385] Performance improvements to profiler instrumentation.
[r1381] Many performance improvements for SyzyASan.
[r1374] Instrumentation time filtering enabled for SyzyASan.
[r1366] SyzyASan stack-traces can have configurable max depth and bottom frame
[r1359] Elide ASAN hooks for (unhandled) stack addresses.
[r1330] Thunk entry points to blocks which are not basic-block decomposable.
[r1344] Add client DLL symbol information to the release.
[r1285] Small fix to binaries script.
[r1284] Started keeping release notes.
[r1283] SyzyASan uses remote stack tracing in RPC logging service so as to get
accurate traces even in sandboxed code.
[r1282] Much simplified straight-path decomposer.
[r1281] SyzyASan no longer corrupts IAT entries and NT headers size/start values
are properly calculated.
[r1276] PDB/MSF files contain properly formatted free page maps.
[r1272] zap_timestamps for normalizing PE/PDB pairs.
[r1263] pdbfind for locating the PDB associated with a PE file.
[r1261] Proper parsing of imported data symbols.