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2002-09-05 Craig Rodrigues <>
* sctp_sys_calls.c: Fix prototype for sctp_peeloff().
2002-09-05 Craig Rodrigues <>
* sctp_sys_calls.c: Remove printf statements.
Add entry point for sctp_peeloff syscall.
* Makefile: Added.
BSD style makefile, derived from kame/libaltq/Makefile.
2002-08-22 Peter Lei <>
* netinet/sctp_output.c: Fix to use ip6_use_deprecated
sysctl variable to check for deprecated addresses.
Need to modify source selection algorithm to check
for preferred (eg. non-deprecated) addresses first,
and then check for deprecated addresses only if a
preferred address is unavailable.
* netinet/sctp_pcb.c: Fix to allow binding to deprecated
addresses as per RFC 2462 and IPNG WG discussion.
Minor style fixes.