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  1. 5fd7826 DanielWagnerHall: Removing trailing whitespace by dawagner · 11 years ago master
  2. a724212 DavidBurns centralising save_screenshot to remote driver so all drivers, including phantomjs get it. by · 11 years ago
  3. 1e13921 DavidBurns adding some missing docs files by · 11 years ago
  4. ff6ece7 DavidBurns adding the ability to pass in command line args to Firefox by · 11 years ago
  5. 0478b2e DanielWagnerHall: Adding units to doc by dawagner · 11 years ago
  6. 40ea871 EranMes on behalf of RicardoSantos: Clean up after the Python FirefoxDriver by deleting the temporary folder after the driver quits. by · 11 years ago
  7. 8212c80 DavidBurns adding python changelog by · 11 years ago
  8. 25472ba DavidBurns bumping Python versions by · 11 years ago
  9. 3f46b7f DavidBurns on behalf of JayakumarChinnappan. Add color and event firing webdriver classes to python api doc. Fixes issue 4868 by · 11 years ago
  10. aca0b80 DavidBurns on behalf of JayakumarChinnappan. Add transparent and extended colour keywords to color support module. Fixes issue 4866 by · 11 years ago
  11. 94efc53 DavidBurns updating python change log I forgot to do by · 11 years ago
  12. c7b7b98 DavidBurns adding a test for passing in a null to execute_script by · 11 years ago
  13. 0836ac0 DavidBurns missed a python file during version bump by · 11 years ago
  14. 7dc0b24 DavidBurns bumping python version by · 11 years ago
  15. bfb116e DavidBurns added security options to objects when we move from chrome->content in Firefox by · 11 years ago
  16. bbf2689 DanielWagnerHall: Adding log_path/service_log_path as named kwargs for chrome by dawagner · 11 years ago
  17. 256e0c0 DanielWagnerHall: Allow multiple service args to be passed to the chromedriver service by dawagner · 11 years ago
  18. af1f374 LukeIS: [python] ghostdriver can now be kicked off via command line option. by · 11 years ago
  19. 1d8d550 LukeIS: [python] adding phantomjs classes to be generated in the docs for next release, updating a few pydocs in phantomjs/service, updating changelog by · 11 years ago
  20. e15bff9 LukeIS: adding expected_conditions to py api docs, was available in 2.26 release. by · 11 years ago