Merge branch 'stable'

* stable: (33 commits)
  Added feature to print a <notice> from manifest at the end of a sync.
  sync: Use --force-broken to continue other projects
  upload: Remove --replace option
  sync --quiet: be more quiet
  sync: Enable use of git clone --reference
  Only delete corrupt pickle config files if they exist
  Don't allow git fetch to start ControlMaster
  Check for existing SSH ControlMaster
  Fix for handling values of EDITOR which contain a space.
  upload: Fix --replace flag
  rebase: Pass through more options
  upload: Allow review.HOST.username to override email
  upload -t: Automatically include local branch name
  Warn users before uploading if there are local changes
  sync: Try fetching a tag as a last resort before giving up
  rebase: Automatically rebase branch on upstrea
  upload: Automatically --cc folks in review.URL.autocopy
  Fix format string bugs in grep
  Do not invoke ssh with -p argument when no port has been specified.
  Allow files to be copied into new folders


Change-Id: I4756a6908277e91505c35287a122a775b68f4df5