Convert JSON object messages into strings if necessary. It is a workarround for

Due to performance reasons devtools send messages as JSON objects
instead of strings since Blink #309164. It significantly reduces
message serialization time on the browser side.


TEST=stringAndObjectPayload in extras.about_tracing.inspector_tracing_controller_client_test
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Trace-Viewer is the javascript frontend for Chrome about:tracing and Android systrace.

It provides rich analysis and visualization capabilities for many types of trace files. Its particularly good at viewing linux kernel traces and Chrome's trace_event format. Trace viewer can be embedded as a component in your own code, or used from a plain checkout to turn trace files into standalone, emailable HTML files from the commandline:

trace2html my_trace.json --output=my_trace.html && open my_trace.html

Its easy to extend trace viewer to support your favorite trace format, or add domain specific visualizations to the UI to simplify drilling down into complex data.

Contributing, quick version

We welcome contributions! To hack on this code, from toplevel: ./run_dev_server

In any browser, navigate to http://localhost:8003/

Make sure tests pass before sending us a PR. For more details, check out the trace viewer wiki.