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// Copyright 2013 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/base/flags.h"
#include "src/compiler/machine-type.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace compiler {
// Forward declarations.
struct MachineOperatorGlobalCache;
class Operator;
// Supported write barrier modes.
enum WriteBarrierKind { kNoWriteBarrier, kFullWriteBarrier };
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, WriteBarrierKind);
// A Load needs a MachineType.
typedef MachineType LoadRepresentation;
// A Store needs a MachineType and a WriteBarrierKind in order to emit the
// correct write barrier.
class StoreRepresentation FINAL {
StoreRepresentation(MachineType machine_type,
WriteBarrierKind write_barrier_kind)
: machine_type_(machine_type), write_barrier_kind_(write_barrier_kind) {}
MachineType machine_type() const { return machine_type_; }
WriteBarrierKind write_barrier_kind() const { return write_barrier_kind_; }
MachineType machine_type_;
WriteBarrierKind write_barrier_kind_;
bool operator==(StoreRepresentation, StoreRepresentation);
bool operator!=(StoreRepresentation, StoreRepresentation);
size_t hash_value(StoreRepresentation);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, StoreRepresentation);
StoreRepresentation const& StoreRepresentationOf(Operator const*);
// Interface for building machine-level operators. These operators are
// machine-level but machine-independent and thus define a language suitable
// for generating code to run on architectures such as ia32, x64, arm, etc.
class MachineOperatorBuilder FINAL : public ZoneObject {
// Flags that specify which operations are available. This is useful
// for operations that are unsupported by some back-ends.
enum Flag {
kNoFlags = 0u,
kFloat64Floor = 1u << 0,
kFloat64Ceil = 1u << 1,
kFloat64RoundTruncate = 1u << 2,
kFloat64RoundTiesAway = 1u << 3,
kInt32DivIsSafe = 1u << 4,
kInt32ModIsSafe = 1u << 5,
kUint32DivIsSafe = 1u << 6,
kUint32ModIsSafe = 1u << 7
typedef base::Flags<Flag, unsigned> Flags;
explicit MachineOperatorBuilder(Zone* zone, MachineType word = kMachPtr,
Flags supportedOperators = kNoFlags);
const Operator* Word32And();
const Operator* Word32Or();
const Operator* Word32Xor();
const Operator* Word32Shl();
const Operator* Word32Shr();
const Operator* Word32Sar();
const Operator* Word32Ror();
const Operator* Word32Equal();
const Operator* Word64And();
const Operator* Word64Or();
const Operator* Word64Xor();
const Operator* Word64Shl();
const Operator* Word64Shr();
const Operator* Word64Sar();
const Operator* Word64Ror();
const Operator* Word64Equal();
const Operator* Int32Add();
const Operator* Int32AddWithOverflow();
const Operator* Int32Sub();
const Operator* Int32SubWithOverflow();
const Operator* Int32Mul();
const Operator* Int32MulHigh();
const Operator* Int32Div();
const Operator* Int32Mod();
const Operator* Int32LessThan();
const Operator* Int32LessThanOrEqual();
const Operator* Uint32Div();
const Operator* Uint32LessThan();
const Operator* Uint32LessThanOrEqual();
const Operator* Uint32Mod();
const Operator* Uint32MulHigh();
bool Int32DivIsSafe() const { return flags_ & kInt32DivIsSafe; }
bool Int32ModIsSafe() const { return flags_ & kInt32ModIsSafe; }
bool Uint32DivIsSafe() const { return flags_ & kUint32DivIsSafe; }
bool Uint32ModIsSafe() const { return flags_ & kUint32ModIsSafe; }
const Operator* Int64Add();
const Operator* Int64Sub();
const Operator* Int64Mul();
const Operator* Int64Div();
const Operator* Int64Mod();
const Operator* Int64LessThan();
const Operator* Int64LessThanOrEqual();
const Operator* Uint64Div();
const Operator* Uint64LessThan();
const Operator* Uint64Mod();
// These operators change the representation of numbers while preserving the
// value of the number. Narrowing operators assume the input is representable
// in the target type and are *not* defined for other inputs.
// Use narrowing change operators only when there is a static guarantee that
// the input value is representable in the target value.
const Operator* ChangeFloat32ToFloat64();
const Operator* ChangeFloat64ToInt32(); // narrowing
const Operator* ChangeFloat64ToUint32(); // narrowing
const Operator* ChangeInt32ToFloat64();
const Operator* ChangeInt32ToInt64();
const Operator* ChangeUint32ToFloat64();
const Operator* ChangeUint32ToUint64();
// These operators truncate numbers, both changing the representation of
// the number and mapping multiple input values onto the same output value.
const Operator* TruncateFloat64ToFloat32();
const Operator* TruncateFloat64ToInt32(); // JavaScript semantics.
const Operator* TruncateInt64ToInt32();
// Floating point operators always operate with IEEE 754 round-to-nearest.
const Operator* Float64Add();
const Operator* Float64Sub();
const Operator* Float64Mul();
const Operator* Float64Div();
const Operator* Float64Mod();
const Operator* Float64Sqrt();
// Floating point comparisons complying to IEEE 754.
const Operator* Float64Equal();
const Operator* Float64LessThan();
const Operator* Float64LessThanOrEqual();
// Floating point rounding.
const Operator* Float64Floor();
const Operator* Float64Ceil();
const Operator* Float64RoundTruncate();
const Operator* Float64RoundTiesAway();
bool HasFloat64Floor() { return flags_ & kFloat64Floor; }
bool HasFloat64Ceil() { return flags_ & kFloat64Ceil; }
bool HasFloat64RoundTruncate() { return flags_ & kFloat64RoundTruncate; }
bool HasFloat64RoundTiesAway() { return flags_ & kFloat64RoundTiesAway; }
// load [base + index]
const Operator* Load(LoadRepresentation rep);
// store [base + index], value
const Operator* Store(StoreRepresentation rep);
// Access to the machine stack.
const Operator* LoadStackPointer();
// Target machine word-size assumed by this builder.
bool Is32() const { return word() == kRepWord32; }
bool Is64() const { return word() == kRepWord64; }
MachineType word() const { return word_; }
// Pseudo operators that translate to 32/64-bit operators depending on the
// word-size of the target machine assumed by this builder.
#define PSEUDO_OP_LIST(V) \
V(Word, And) \
V(Word, Or) \
V(Word, Xor) \
V(Word, Shl) \
V(Word, Shr) \
V(Word, Sar) \
V(Word, Ror) \
V(Word, Equal) \
V(Int, Add) \
V(Int, Sub) \
V(Int, Mul) \
V(Int, Div) \
V(Int, Mod) \
V(Int, LessThan) \
V(Int, LessThanOrEqual) \
V(Uint, Div) \
V(Uint, LessThan) \
V(Uint, Mod)
#define PSEUDO_OP(Prefix, Suffix) \
const Operator* Prefix##Suffix() { \
return Is32() ? Prefix##32##Suffix() : Prefix##64##Suffix(); \
#undef PSEUDO_OP
Zone* zone_;
const MachineOperatorGlobalCache& cache_;
const MachineType word_;
const Flags flags_;
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8