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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- These lint settings is for the Android linter that gets run by
lint_action.gypi on compile of WebRTC java code. All WebRTC java code
should lint cleanly for the issues below. -->
<!-- TODO(phoglund): make work with or remove printout referring
to -->
<issue id="UseSparseArrays" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="Registered" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="MissingPermission" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="ApplySharedPref" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="UnusedResources" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="IconColors" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="IconDipSize" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="IconDuplicatesConfig" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="RelativeOverlap" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="RtlCompat" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="IconMissingDensityFolder" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="OldTargetApi" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="GoogleAppIndexingWarning" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="MissingRegistered" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="LintError">
<!-- We no longer supply class files to lint. -->
<ignore regexp="No `.class` files were found in project"/>
<!-- These are just from the dummy AndroidManifest.xml we use for linting.
It's in the same directory as this file. -->
<issue id="MissingApplicationIcon" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="AllowBackup" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="MissingVersion" severity="ignore"/>
<!-- Ignore all lint errors in Chromium code. -->
<issue id="all">
<ignore path="**/org/chromium/**/*.java" />
<issue id="UsesMinSdkAttributes">
<!-- TODO(oprypin): find a way to disable this warning just for Chromium's
code, not globally. Due to
it is impossible to discern paths of AndroidManifest.xml files.-->
<ignore path="AndroidManifest.xml" />
<issue id="NewApi">
<!-- This is rewritten by desugar after lint runs. -->
<ignore regexp="Call requires API level 19.*`java.util.Objects#requireNonNull`"/>
<!-- AutoCloseable has been available since API 15, just hidden. -->
<ignore regexp="Class requires API level 19.*java.lang.AutoCloseable"/>
<ignore regexp="Call requires API level 19.*java.lang.AutoCloseable#close"/>
<!-- We support try-with-resources via desugar. -->
<ignore regexp="Try-with-resources requires API level 19"/>
<ignore regexp="Call requires API level 19.*`java.lang.Throwable#addSuppressed`"/>
<!-- We support new language features via desugar. -->
<ignore regexp="Default method requires API level 24"/>
<ignore regexp="Static interface method requires API level 24"/>