WebRTC coding style guide


WebRTC follows the Chromium and Google C++ style guides, unless an exception is listed below. In cases where they conflict, the Chromium style guide trumps the Google style guide, and the exceptions in this file trump them both.

Some older parts of the code violate the style guide in various ways.

  • If making small changes to such code, follow the style guide when it’s reasonable to do so, but in matters of formatting etc., it is often better to be consistent with the surrounding code.
  • If making large changes to such code, consider first cleaning it up in a separate CL.


There are no exceptions yet. If and when exceptions are adopted, they’ll be listed here.


There’s a substantial chunk of legacy C code in WebRTC, and a lot of it is old enough that it violates the parts of the C++ style guide that also applies to C (naming etc.) for the simple reason that it pre-dates the use of the current C++ style guide for this code base.

  • If making small changes to C code, mimic the style of the surrounding code.
  • If making large changes to C code, consider converting the whole thing to C++ first.