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  2. apiclient/
  3. google_api_python_client-1.2.egg-info/
  4. httplib2-0.9.egg-info/
  5. httplib2/
  6. oauth2client/
  7. requirements.txt
  8. uritemplate/

Third-Party Code

This directory contains third party code licensed separate from the rest of the repository. See individual files for licensing details.

These are libraries that are required but not provided by AppEngine.

Adding and Upgrading

The requirements.txt file contains a list of versioned dependencies. Add or upgrade packages as follows,

  1. Add the new package or upgrading an existing package version in the requirements.txt file.
  2. Remove the old package directories from the third_party directory. This step may not be needed depending on your version of pip. There is a bug in some versions of pip that causes problems with in-place upgrades.
  3. Install the dependencies by running the following command from the third_party parent directory,
pip install --target=third_party --upgrade -r third_party/requirements.txt
  1. After the upgrade is complete you should commit all directories and files that were added/changed in the third_party directory.