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// Copyright (c) 2014 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
// that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
// tree.
package collider
import (
const maxQueuedMsgCount = 1024
type client struct {
id string
// rwc is the interface to access the websocket connection.
// It is set after the client registers with the server.
rwc io.ReadWriteCloser
// msgs is the queued messages sent from this client.
msgs []string
// timer is used to remove this client if unregistered after a timeout.
timer *time.Timer
func newClient(id string, t *time.Timer) *client {
c := client{id: id, timer: t}
return &c
func (c *client) setTimer(t *time.Timer) {
if c.timer != nil {
c.timer = t
// register binds the ReadWriteCloser to the client if it's not done yet.
func (c *client) register(rwc io.ReadWriteCloser) error {
if c.rwc != nil {
log.Printf("Not registering because the client %s already has a connection",
return errors.New("Duplicated registration")
c.rwc = rwc
return nil
// deregister closes the ReadWriteCloser if it exists.
func (c *client) deregister() {
if c.rwc != nil {
c.rwc = nil
// registered returns true if the client has registered.
func (c *client) registered() bool {
return c.rwc != nil
// enqueue adds a message to the client's message queue.
func (c *client) enqueue(msg string) error {
if len(c.msgs) >= maxQueuedMsgCount {
return errors.New("Too many messages queued for the client")
c.msgs = append(c.msgs, msg)
return nil
// sendQueued the queued messages to the other client.
func (c *client) sendQueued(other *client) error {
if == || other.rwc == nil {
return errors.New("Invalid client")
for _, m := range c.msgs {
sendServerMsg(other.rwc, m)
c.msgs = nil
log.Printf("Sent queued messages from %s to %s",,
return nil
// send sends the message to the other client if the other client has registered,
// or queues the message otherwise.
func (c *client) send(other *client, msg string) error {
if == {
return errors.New("Invalid client")
if other.rwc != nil {
return sendServerMsg(other.rwc, msg)
return c.enqueue(msg)