WebRTC welcomes patches/pulls for features and bug fixes.

For contributors external to Google, follow the instructions given in the Google Individual Contributor License Agreement.

In all cases, contributors must sign a contributor license agreement before a contribution can be accepted. Please complete the agreement for an individual or a corporation as appropriate.

If you plan to add a significant component or large chunk of code, we recommend you bring this up on the webrtc-discuss group for a design discussion before writing code.

If appropriate, write a unit test which demonstrates that your code functions as expected. Tests are the best way to ensure that future contributors do not break your code accidentally.

To request a change or addition, you must submit a pull request.

WebRTC developers monitor outstanding pull requests. They may request changes to the pull request before accepting. They will also verify that a CLA has been signed.

The Developer's Guide for this repo has more detailed information about code style, structure and validation.