RTCPeerConnectionInterface.mm createNativeConfiguration and other clean-up.

This CL turns nativeConfiguration into createNativeConfiguration returning a
pointer or nil on failure. This method's certificate generation is updated to
use the new API and reports failure (nil) if unsuccessful instead of relying on
the default certificate. We also remove the implicit assumption (now incorrect)
that RSA is the default. This is the same type of changes as was done in
https://codereview.webrtc.org/1965313002 but this file
(RTCPeerConnectionInterface.mm) was forgotten.

With no more usages of kIdentityName it and dtlsidentitystore.cc is removed.
Also removes unnecessary #include in peerconnectioninterface.h that was still
remnant due to an indirect include of kIdentityName.

RTCConfiguration+Private.h now lists method nativeEncryptionKeyTypeForKeyType
which was added in the above mentioned prior CL.

BUG=webrtc:5707, webrtc:5708

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