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Version: 2.0
License: New BSD
License File: LICENSE
The gflags package contains a library that implements commandline
flags processing. As such it's a replacement for getopt(). It has
increased flexibility, including built-in support for C++ types like
string, and the ability to define flags in the source file in which
they're used.
Local Modifications: None
How to update platform configuration files:
The gen/ directory contains pre-generated configuration header files.
Historically, all operating systems and architectures have generated
similar configurations except for Windows. This is why there's only
posix and win directories below gen/.
When rolling gflags to a newer version, it's a good idea to check if
new configuration files needs to be generated as well.
Do this by running ./configure in the newly checked out version of
gflags. Then diff the generated files with the ones below gen/.
If you notice a diff, update the files with the updated ones.
If you suspect platform dependend changes other than Windows, you'll
have to checkout gflags on the other platforms as well and run
./configure there too.