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  1. 55a6125 Remove unneeded enum forward declaration by brucedawson · 6 hours ago master
  2. b4a3123 Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Support more formats in RTCVideoFrame"""" by Anders Carlsson · 2 days ago
  3. 7c9d6a2 Return WrappedI444Buffer in VP9Impl by yuweih · 2 days ago
  4. 85d3698 Test picture sequence id when VideoSendStream is recreated. by Sebastian Jansson · 2 days ago
  5. 95116e8 Disable RTCVideoRenderFrameCallbackNV12 test by oprypin · 2 days ago
  6. 2e43d9b Revert "Revert "Revert "Support more formats in RTCVideoFrame""" by Anders Carlsson · 3 days ago
  7. 97f71f5 Allow parsing empty RTCP TargetBitrate messages, but stop sending them. by sprang · 3 days ago
  8. fe312e6 Revert "Revert "Support more formats in RTCVideoFrame"" by Anders Carlsson · 3 days ago
  9. 5259dde Remove aec_dump_unittests from audio_processing_tests. by Alex Loiko · 3 days ago
  10. 51bc5f2 Force value-initialization of array to avoid uninitialized values. by Alex Loiko · 3 days ago
  11. 8b9d41c Remove WEBRTC_TRACE from webrtc/modules/audio_coding by Alex Loiko · 3 days ago
  12. 5d7bd02 Make VideoProcessor::Init void (always returning true). by asapersson · 3 days ago
  13. fefdcd4 Enable more unittests on iOS, and disable those that fail on simulator by oprypin · 3 days ago
  14. db65e09 Fix the binary size regression on Chromium Windows. by zhihuang · 3 days ago
  15. 7fc414d Upgrade to (D)TLS1.2 using the new BoringSSL (D)TLSv1_2_method functions by Emad Omara · 3 days ago
  16. 85e604e What can't loopback test be more like full stack test? by sprang · 3 days ago
  17. 00ca4df Fix timing frames and FEC conflict by ilnik · 3 days ago
  18. 4b584ed Only append SPS/PPS to bitstream if supplied out of band. by philipel · 3 days ago
  19. 084504a Add webrtc/rtc_base skeleton. by Henrik Kjellander · 4 days ago
  20. b56043d Fix AVFoundation framework import by hansknoechel92 · 4 days ago