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  1. ded0b04 Add the shared states to the cache in FeedSessionManager on updates and avoid passing the cache around. by Radu Cornea · 25 hours ago master
  2. b0b27c8 Fixes bug where spinner is logged as destroyed without completing when it successfully finished. by Dan Anderson · 26 hours ago
  3. ca7fc11 Add safety checks to make sure we don't try to create 0 width or height bitmaps in RoundedCornerMaskCache. by Katherine Applewhite · 26 hours ago
  4. 344dc1c Allow for creating a token given a content ID by Ryan Bonick · 26 hours ago
  5. f32232b Use FakeProtocolAdapter and FakeRequestManager in FeedSessionManagerTest. by Isaac Dancy · 28 hours ago

Feed Libraries

This directory includes various libraries and protocols which users can use to to embed the proactive content recommendations into their application. Supported surfaces currently include Android.