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# Feed proguard flags should only target and affect Feed classes. Any app-wide
# specific flags should be added to each host's proguard specs and overall
# should be avoided.
-assumenosideeffects class {
public static boolean isDebugEnabled(java.lang.String);
public static boolean isVerboseEnabled(java.lang.String);
public static void v(...);
public static void vWithStackTrace(...);
public static void d(...);
public static void dWithStackTrace(...);
# Protocol buffers are large. Only allow spamming a developer's device.
public static void debugLogRawProto(...);
private static boolean shouldWtfCrash();
-assumevalues class {
public static boolean isDebugEnabled(java.lang.String) return false;
public static boolean isVerboseEnabled(java.lang.String) return false;
private static boolean shouldWtfCrash() return false;