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The Chrome Graphics Book


This is the source code for a public book and living document capturing the high level architecture and low-level details of graphics in Chrome and ChromeOS.

This book is currently written with

Special Features

This mdbook supports some homebrew markdown extensions. These are provided by scripts/

Nomnoml diagrams

One can create in-line nomnoml diagrams by formatting a code block like so:

``` diagram=nomnoml
[foo] -> [bar]

Text replacements

We also support special text replacements:

  • $$GIT_REV$$ is replaced by the current git revision

How To: Run the book locally

First, install mdbook following the guide [0].

Then, to build and run the book locally, run the command mdbook serve. This will start a local server that you can connect to at localhost:3000.



The book is currently deployed at firebase. The public URL is

With the appropriate permissions on the project, one can build and push the book like so:

$ mdbook build && firebase deploy