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# This script rebuilds the binary-size plugin and runs a local Gerrit
# instance with the binary-size plugin.
# This assumes that a Gerrit testsite has already been initialized; see
# for site
# initialization instructions.
# Usage: Invoke with no arguments. Set the environment variables GERRIT_DIR and
# GERRIT_TESTSITE if necessary.
set -eu
readonly SCRIPT_DIR=$(realpath "$(dirname "${0}")")
readonly GERRIT_DIR=$(realpath "${GERRIT_DIR:-${SCRIPT_DIR}/../..}")
readonly GERRIT_TESTSITE_DIR=$(realpath \
echo "Using ${SCRIPT_DIR} as binary-size plugin directory."
echo "Using ${GERRIT_DIR} as Gerrit directory."
echo "Using ${GERRIT_TESTSITE_DIR} as Gerrit testsite directory."
# Move to the Gerrit directory so that Bazel can find the workspace.
pushd "${GERRIT_DIR}"
# We want to force re-build even if only static files changed.
rm -f bazel-genfiles/plugins/binary-size/binary-size.jar
bazel build plugins/binary-size
# Copy the built plugin into the testsite directory. The .jar file in the
# destination directory is set as read-only, so it has to be force-removed.
rm -f "${GERRIT_TESTSITE_DIR}/plugins/binary-size.jar"
cp bazel-genfiles/plugins/binary-size/binary-size.jar \
# Gerrrit docs say to use the same Java version that Bazel used for the build.
"$(bazel info output_base)/external/local_jdk/bin/java" \
-jar bazel-bin/gerrit.war daemon -d "${GERRIT_TESTSITE_DIR}" \