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Buildbucket Plugin for Gerrit


This plugin is configured via the buildbucket.config file present in the repo‘s refs/meta/config ref, as well as the same file in all repositories in the repo’s inheritance chain (up to and including All-Projects).

An example buildbucket.config is below:

  git = ""
  gerrit = ""

[bucket "chromium.buildbucket.swarming"]
  builder = infra_presubmit
  builder = infra_linux64
  builder = infra_mac
  builder = infra_win
[bucket "tryserver.infra"]
  builder = Infra Presubmit
  builder = Infra Linux Trusty 64 Tester
  builder = Infra Linux Precise 32 Tester
  builder = Infra Mac Tester
  builder = Infra Win Tester

In the vast majority of cases, the host.git and host.gerrit values are global to the entire host, so that stanza is specified in the All-Projects repo. Buckets and builders, on the other hand, are almost always very repository-specific, and so are only specified in “leaf” repositories which are not in any other repo's inheritance chain.

All changes to buildbucket.config files are instantly reflected. There is no caching period or need to restart the server.


To use with the local testsite

ln -s /path/to/buildbucket-plugin plugins/buildbucket
bazel build plugins/buildbucket && \
  rm -rf ../gerrit_testsite/plugins/buildbucket.jar && \
  cp bazel-genfiles/plugins/buildbucket/buildbucket.jar ../gerrit_testsite/plugins/ && \
  ../gerrit_testsite/bin/ restart

To use with the polygerrit-ui server against live data

mkdir -p polygerrit-ui/app/plugins/buildbucket
ln -s /path/to/buildbucket-plugin/src/main/resources/static polygerrit-ui/app/plugins/buildbucket/static
./polygerrit-ui/ -host

You will also need to edit _computeBuildTags to use the constant hostname instead of window.location.hostname.


# Install dependencies.
npm install -g bower
npm install -g web-component-tester
cd test/
bower install

# Run the tests from the directory root.
cd ../

Note: Testing is disabled for Safari due to this issue.