Cache text-artifact fetches and add loading indicator

Currently, repeatedly opening and closing a result row will lead to
multiple fetches. This change lets replaceTextArtifacts cache successful
fetches with a new LRUCacheObject also added in this change.

Also, some fetches can take up to 1 second during which a user will see
a blank result row. To indicate that the plugin is loading text
artifacts, this change adds a "Loading..." text before being replaced
by the CheckResult's HTML message.

Bug: 1174869
Change-Id: I507dde60873fc0d330796e0b976bc58f777429b3
Reviewed-by: Weiwei Lin <>
Reviewed-by: Nodir Turakulov <>
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Buildbucket Plugin for Gerrit


This plugin is configured via the buildbucket.config file present in the repo‘s refs/meta/config ref, as well as the same file in all repositories in the repo’s inheritance chain (up to and including All-Projects).

An example buildbucket.config is below:

  git = ""
  gerrit = ""

[bucket "luci.chromium.try"]
[bucket ""]

In the vast majority of cases, the host.git and host.gerrit values are global to the entire host, so that stanza is specified in the All-Projects repo. Buckets and builders, on the other hand, are almost always very repository-specific, and so are only specified in “leaf” repositories which are not in any other repo's inheritance chain.

All changes to buildbucket.config files are instantly reflected. There is no caching period or need to restart the server.

If your project doesn't want the “retry failed” button to show, you can disable it:

  hide-retry-button = true


To use with the local testsite

Use the script; this rebuilds the plugin with bazel, copies it over and restarts the local testsite. Example invocation:

GERRIT_DIR=~/gerrit GERRIT_TESTSITE_DIR=~/testsite ./

To use with the polygerrit-ui server against live data

Use the script; this creates a temporary directory with the plugin source in the expected layout and then invokes polygerrit-ui/ Example invocation:

GERRIT_DIR=~/gerrit ./


npm run wct-test

Note: Testing is disabled for Safari due to this issue.