Update reland notification text

"Reland Without Notifying" is misleading as user may think reland will
be submitted. This copy change makes it clear what each button will do.


Fixed: 1287301
Change-Id: Iabb099524a6926bb63cffaaeec0fe41ea1b2e261
diff --git a/web/reland-button.ts b/web/reland-button.ts
index 7951a9a..e5f84bc 100644
--- a/web/reland-button.ts
+++ b/web/reland-button.ts
@@ -194,12 +194,12 @@
       confirm-label="Notify Reviewers"
-      cancel-label="Reland Without Notifying"
+      cancel-label="Don't Notify Reviewers"
       <div class="main" slot="main">
         Click "Notify Reviewers" if you would like to send this<br />
-        reland to reviewers, or "Reland Without Notifying" if not.<br />
+        reland to reviewers, or "Don't Notify reviewers" if not.<br />