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Chromium Binary Size Plugin for Gerrit

How it works

The plugin queries the android-binary-size trybot for the current patchset on Gerrit, and gets the binary_size_plugin property. This property contains the metadata about the binary size metrics affected by the patchset in question. It then shows an inline table with the metric deltas + links to SuperSize output.


This plugin uses no config files since it only works with the android-binary-size trybot which only runs on the chromium repo CQ making this not compatible with any other host. If you want this to work on a different host, talk to the team.


This plugin requires the buildbucket plugin in order to search builds. Ensure that they are both installed, or prepare to see errors in the browser's console.


git clone --recursive
cd gerrit/plugins

git clone
cd buildbucket
ln -s src/main/resources/static static  # May be unneeded in the future.
cd ..

git clone
cd chromium-binary-size

Run the polygerrit-ui server against live data

Use the script (based on polygerrit-ui/ You may change some paths by setting environment variables, for example:

GERRIT_DIR="$HOME/gerrit" ./


# Install dependencies.
npm install -g bower
npm install -g web-component-tester
bower install