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Chromium Binary Size Plugin for Gerrit

How it works

The plugin queries the android-binary-size trybot for the current patchset on Gerrit, and gets the binary_size_plugin property. This property contains the metadata about the binary size metrics affected by the patchset in question. It then shows an inline table with the metric deltas + links to SuperSize output.


This plugin is configured via the chromium-binary-size.config file present in the repo‘s refs/meta/config ref, as well as the same file in all repositories in the repo’s inheritance chain (up to and including All-Projects).

An example chromium-binary-size.config is below (this enables the plugin on the chromium/src repo using the android-binary-size trybot:

  gerrit = ""

[repo "chromium/src"]
  builder = "android-binary-size"
  bucket = "try"
  project = "chromium"

All changes to chromium-binary-size.config files are instantly reflected. There is no caching period or need to restart the server.


git clone --recursive
cd gerrit/plugins

git clone
cd chromium-binary-size

Run the polygerrit-ui server against live data

Use the script (based on polygerrit-ui/ You may change some paths by setting environment variables, for example:

GERRIT_DIR="$HOME/gerrit" ./


# Install dependencies.
npm install -g bower
npm install -g web-component-tester
bower install