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ChumpDetector Plugin for Gerrit

To use with the local testsite

ln -s /path/to/chumpdetector-plugin plugins/chumpdetector
NO_BUCKD=1 buck build plugins/chumpdetector && \
  cp buck-out/gen/plugins/chumpdetector/chumpdetector.jar ../gerrit_testsite/plugins/ && \
  ../gerrit_testsite/bin/ restart

To use with the polygerrit-ui server against live data

mkdir -p polygerrit-ui/app/plugins/chumpdetector
ln -s /path/to/chumpdetector-plugin/src/main/resources/static polygerrit-ui/app/plugins/chumpdetector/static
./polygerrit-ui/ -host

You may also need to edit chumpdetectorURL to point directly at instead of being relative.