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// Copyright 2018 The Goma Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "absl/strings/string_view.h"
#include "lib/cxx_flags.h"
#include "lib/flag_parser.h"
using std::string;
namespace devtools_goma {
class GCCFlags : public CxxFlags {
GCCFlags(const std::vector<string>& args, const string& cwd);
const std::vector<string> include_dirs() const;
const std::vector<string>& non_system_include_dirs() const {
return non_system_include_dirs_;
const std::vector<string>& root_includes() const { return root_includes_; }
const std::vector<string>& framework_dirs() const { return framework_dirs_; }
const std::vector<std::pair<string, bool>>& commandline_macros() const {
return commandline_macros_;
string compiler_name() const override;
Mode mode() const { return mode_; }
string isysroot() const { return isysroot_; }
const string& resource_dir() const { return resource_dir_; }
const std::set<string>& fsanitize() const { return fsanitize_; }
const std::map<string, string>& fdebug_prefix_map() const {
return fdebug_prefix_map_;
// TODO: make this also works for VCFlags?
// I know ThinLTO is also supported on clang-cl.
const string& thinlto_index() const { return thinlto_index_; }
bool is_cplusplus() const override { return is_cplusplus_; }
bool has_nostdinc() const { return has_nostdinc_; }
bool has_no_integrated_as() const { return has_no_integrated_as_; }
bool has_pipe() const { return has_pipe_; }
bool has_ffreestanding() const { return has_ffreestanding_; }
bool has_fno_hosted() const { return has_fno_hosted_; }
bool has_fno_sanitize_blacklist() const {
return has_fno_sanitize_blacklist_;
bool has_fsyntax_only() const { return has_fsyntax_only_; }
bool has_resource_dir() const { return !resource_dir_.empty(); }
bool has_wrapper() const { return has_wrapper_; }
bool has_fplugin() const { return has_fplugin_; }
bool is_linking() const override { return mode_ == GCCFlags::LINK; }
bool is_precompiling_header() const override {
return is_precompiling_header_;
bool is_stdin_input() const { return is_stdin_input_; }
bool has_fmodules() const { return has_fmodules_; }
bool has_fimplicit_module_maps() const { return has_fimplicit_module_maps_; }
const string& clang_module_map_file() const { return clang_module_map_file_; }
const std::pair<string, string>& clang_module_file() const {
return clang_module_file_;
bool has_emit_module() const { return has_emit_module_; }
CompilerFlagType type() const override { return CompilerFlagType::Gcc; }
bool IsClientImportantEnv(const char* env) const override;
bool IsServerImportantEnv(const char* env) const override;
static void DefineFlags(FlagParser* parser);
static string GetCompilerName(absl::string_view arg);
// If we know -Wfoo, returns true for "foo".
static bool IsKnownWarningOption(absl::string_view option);
static bool IsKnownDebugOption(absl::string_view v);
// True if arg is gcc command name. Note that clang is considered as
// gcc variant, so IsGCCCommand("clang") returns true. However, since
// clang-cl is not compatible with gcc, IsGCCCommand("clang-cl") returns
// false.
static bool IsGCCCommand(absl::string_view arg);
static bool IsClangCommand(absl::string_view arg);
static bool IsNaClGCCCommand(absl::string_view arg);
static bool IsNaClClangCommand(absl::string_view arg);
static bool IsPNaClClangCommand(absl::string_view arg);
friend class GCCFlagsTest;
static string GetLanguage(const string& compiler_name,
const string& input_filename);
// Process -Xclang flags.
// It's OK just to add most -Xclang flags into compiler_info_flags.
// However, there is a few exceptions (See implementations).
void ProcessXclangFlags(const std::vector<string>& xclang_flags);
std::vector<string> remote_flags_;
std::vector<string> non_system_include_dirs_;
std::vector<string> root_includes_;
std::vector<string> framework_dirs_;
// The second value is true if the macro is defined and false if undefined.
std::vector<std::pair<string, bool>> commandline_macros_;
Mode mode_;
string isysroot_;
string resource_dir_;
string thinlto_index_;
// -fsanitize can be specified multiple times, and can be comma separated
// values.
std::set<string> fsanitize_;
std::map<string, string> fdebug_prefix_map_;
bool is_cplusplus_;
bool has_nostdinc_;
bool has_no_integrated_as_;
bool has_pipe_;
bool has_ffreestanding_;
bool has_fno_hosted_;
bool has_fno_sanitize_blacklist_;
bool has_fsyntax_only_;
bool has_wrapper_;
bool has_fplugin_;
bool is_precompiling_header_;
bool is_stdin_input_;
// clang-modules related variables
bool has_fmodules_;
bool has_fimplicit_module_maps_;
bool has_emit_module_;
// explicit module-map-file (specified by -fmodule-map-file)
string clang_module_map_file_;
// explicit module-file (specified by -fmodule-file=[<name>=]<file>)
// .first is <name>, .second is <file>
// If <name> is omitted, .first is empty.
std::pair<string, string> clang_module_file_;
// Get the version of gcc/clang to fill CommandSpec.
// dumpversion is the result of gcc/clang -dumpversion
// version is the result of gcc/clang --version
string GetCxxCompilerVersionFromCommandOutputs(const string& command,
const string& dumpversion,
const string& version);
// Truncate string at \r\n.
string GetFirstLine(const string& buf);
// Remove a program name from |version| if it comes from gcc/g++.
string NormalizeGccVersion(const string& version);
} // namespace devtools_goma