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// Copyright 2010 The Goma Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "lib/file_reader.h"
#include "prototmp/goma_data.pb.h"
using std::string;
#ifdef _WIN32
# include <shlobj.h>
# include <strsafe.h>
# include "config_win.h"
namespace devtools_goma {
class FileBlob;
class StoreFileReq;
class StoreFileResp;
class LookupFileReq;
class LookupFileResp;
class ScopedFd;
class FileServiceClient {
// Asynchronous support on old synchronous http rpc.
// TODO: provide proto-service style async call.
template<typename Req, typename Resp>
class AsyncTask {
AsyncTask() {}
virtual ~AsyncTask() {}
const Req& req() const { return req_; }
Req* mutable_req() { return &req_; }
const Resp& resp() const { return resp_; }
Resp* mutable_resp() { return &resp_; }
virtual void Run() = 0;
virtual void Wait() = 0;
virtual bool IsSuccess() const = 0;
Req req_;
Resp resp_;
// TODO: provide Input too.
// Output is an abstract interface of output from FileServiceClient.
class Output {
Output() {}
virtual ~Output() {}
// IsValid returns true if this output is valid to use.
virtual bool IsValid() const = 0;
// WriteAt writes content at offset in output.
virtual bool WriteAt(off_t offset, const string& content) = 0;
// Close closes the output.
virtual bool Close() = 0;
// ToString returns string representation of this output. e.g. filename.
virtual string ToString() const = 0;
// FileOutput returns Output for filename.
static std::unique_ptr<Output> FileOutput(const string& filename, int mode);
// StringOutput returns Output into buf.
// It doesn't take ownership of buf.
// *buf will have output size when Close().
// Note that, unlike sparse file in unix, it will not modify data in a hole,
// if the hole exists. This class won't create any sparse file, so may not
// need to worry about this.
// If you care, pass empty buf (StringOutput will
// allocate enough space), or zero-cleared preallocated buf.
static std::unique_ptr<Output> StringOutput(const string& name, string* buf);
: reader_factory_(FileReaderFactory::GetInstance()) {}
virtual ~FileServiceClient() {}
// Create |blob| for |filename|.
// If failed to open |filename|, it will set FileBlob::FILE as blob_type
// and set file_size=-1, which is considered as an invalid FileBlob.
// If |store_large| is true and the file is large enough, it will also store
// file chunks in file service.
// Note that |blob| itself will not be stored in file service by this method,
// so need to use StoreFileBlob() to store.
// Returns true on success, false on error.
bool CreateFileBlob(const string& filename, bool store_large, FileBlob* blob);
// Store |blob| in file service.
// Returns true on success, false on error.
bool StoreFileBlob(const FileBlob& blob);
// Store muliple |blob|s in file service.
// Returns true on success, false on error.
bool StoreFileBlobs(const std::vector<FileBlob*>& blobs);
// Gets |blob| for |hash_key|.
// Returns true on success, false on error.
bool GetFileBlob(const string& hash_key, FileBlob* blob);
// Gets |blobs| for |hash_keys|.
// Returns true on success, false on error.
// Even if it returns true, blobs may contain invalid FileBlob, which means
// missing content for the corresponding hash_key.
bool GetFileBlobs(const std::vector<string>& hash_keys,
std::vector<FileBlob*>* blobs);
// Writes |blob| to |filename|.
// convenient helper for OutputFileBlob().
bool WriteFileBlob(const string& filename, int mode, const FileBlob& blob);
// OutputFileBlob outputs blob into output.
// It doesn't take ownership of output.
// If the blob_type is FILE_META, it will also fetch file chunks in
// file service.
// Returns true on success, false on error. output will be closed in
// this method.
bool OutputFileBlob(const FileBlob& blob, Output* output);
// Checks |blob| is valid.
static bool IsValidFileBlob(const FileBlob& blob);
// Compute hash key of |blob|.
static string ComputeHashKey(const FileBlob& blob);
virtual std::unique_ptr<AsyncTask<StoreFileReq, StoreFileResp>>
NewAsyncStoreFileTask() = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<AsyncTask<LookupFileReq, LookupFileResp>>
NewAsyncLookupFileTask() = 0;
virtual bool StoreFile(const StoreFileReq* req, StoreFileResp* resp) = 0;
virtual bool LookupFile(const LookupFileReq* req, LookupFileResp* resp) = 0;
FileReaderFactory* reader_factory_;
std::unique_ptr<RequesterInfo> requester_info_;
string trace_id_;
bool FinishStoreFileTask(
std::unique_ptr<AsyncTask<StoreFileReq, StoreFileResp>> task);
// Note: off_t is 32-bit in Windows. If need to handle files bigger than
// 4GB, it needs to be changed to QWORD.
bool CreateFileChunks(FileReader* fr,
off_t size, bool store, FileBlob* blob);
bool ReadFileContent(FileReader* fr,
off_t offset, off_t size, FileBlob* blob);
bool OutputLookupFileResp(const LookupFileReq& req,
const LookupFileResp& resp,
Output* output);
bool FinishLookupFileTask(
std::unique_ptr<AsyncTask<LookupFileReq, LookupFileResp>> task,
Output* output);
bool OutputFileChunks(const FileBlob& blob, Output* output);
} // namespace devtools_goma