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// Copyright 2019 The Goma Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package remoteexec
import (
nsjailpb ""
const (
nsjailRunWrapperScript = `#!/bin/bash
set -e
if [[ "$WORK_DIR" == "" ]]; then
echo "ERROR: WORK_DIR is not set" >&2
exit 1
# mount directories under $chroot_workdir and execute.
run_dirs=($(ls -1 "$rundir"))
sys_dirs=(dev proc)
# RBE server generates __action_home__XXXXXXXXXX directory in $rundir
# (note: XXXXXXXXXX is a random). Let's skip it because we do not use that.
# mount directories in the request.
for d in "${run_dirs[@]}"; do
if [[ "$d" == __action_home__* ]]; then
mkdir -p "$chroot_workdir/$d"
mount --bind "$rundir/$d" "$chroot_workdir/$d"
# mount directories not included in the request.
for d in "${sys_dirs[@]}"; do
# avoid to mount system directories if that exist in the user's request.
if [[ -d "$rundir/$d" ]]; then
# directory will be mounted by nsjail later.
mkdir -p "$chroot_workdir/$d"
# needed to make nsjail bind /dev/urandom.
touch "$chroot_workdir/dev/urandom"
# currently running with root. run the command with nobody:nogroup with chroot.
# We use nsjail to chdir without running bash script inside chroot, and
# libc inside chroot can be different from libc outside.
nsjail --quiet --config "$WORK_DIR/nsjail.cfg" -- "$@"
// nsjailConfig returns nsjail configuration.
// When you modify followings, please make sure it matches
// nsjailRunWrapperScript above.
func nsjailConfig(cwd string) []byte {
chrootWorkdir := "/tmp/goma_chroot"
cfg := &nsjailpb.NsJailConfig{
Uidmap: []*nsjailpb.IdMap{
InsideId: proto.String("nobody"),
OutsideId: proto.String("nobody"),
Gidmap: []*nsjailpb.IdMap{
InsideId: proto.String("nogroup"),
OutsideId: proto.String("nogroup"),
Mount: []*nsjailpb.MountPt{
Src: proto.String(chrootWorkdir),
Dst: proto.String("/"),
IsBind: proto.Bool(true),
Rw: proto.Bool(true),
IsDir: proto.Bool(true),
Src: proto.String("/dev/urandom"),
Dst: proto.String("/dev/urandom"),
IsBind: proto.Bool(true),
Cwd: proto.String(cwd),
// TODO: use log file and print to server log.
LogLevel: nsjailpb.LogLevel_WARNING.Enum(),
MountProc: proto.Bool(true),
Envar: []string{
// HACK: ChromeOS clang wrapper needs this.
// TODO: set better path upon needs.
// e.g. auto generate from where executables and symlink
// to executable exists, or choose directories with
// executables from PATH sent by clients.
RlimitAsType: nsjailpb.RLimit_INF.Enum(),
RlimitFsizeType: nsjailpb.RLimit_INF.Enum(),
// TODO: relax RLimit from the default.
// Default size might be too strict, and not suitable for
// compiling.
return []byte(proto.MarshalTextString(cfg))