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  - ac2ccec0ffb4cf64403224fc5d5bf11ca03163a1 Allow arbitrary script name to as a wrapper script.
  - f71ce1e66b26dc811051e9e4f4db666a9639f041 remoteexec: no warn if op.metadata is nil
  - 69bd629b0b2ad20db1548ac22d9d262d9430cfe4 inputRootDir suggests use of overlay if it is needed.
  - 22550b34d191cb2429858d8d30aa59e728ff1f4c remoteexec: cwd agnostic test for ATS
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  - ff36c19b7ba7e768cae3ded4c074793f3e50aa73 Add function to confirm docker & workdir won't be overwri...
  - 134662af055e6805d6ee4ea926a25223cc77414d Revert "Allow to have multiple wrapper scripts."
  - 9b3fefa9841a321aa36455bf233f33b656325a96 Allow to have multiple wrapper scripts.
  - 4b191d09b6dbd8ab225784bc619f18d659d8f7ef remoteexec: Log input paths when no common dir found
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  - 37cf82aa8e6f6c9b31e2cd005e44a8ba9a471e4b goma_replay: count errors
  - 276a5308828814b736f3ee05072b2171db740b1f goma_replay: improve
  - 35340d6f853a4f9ed75758ab5a7da9658dcd1fa2 roll to 1.20.0
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Goma server

Goma is a distributed compiler service for open-source project such as Chromium and Android. It's some kind of replacement of distcc+ccache.

This is reference implementation of server code to be used with Goma client.


The Goma server uses a backend service that implements the Remote Execution API to distribute compile requests across a collection of worker machines and to cache the results of compilations. The Remote Execution API is an open-source standard, with multiple service implementations. The Goma server has been tested with Google's Remote Build Execution service, but could use other service implementations with some minor tweaks to the service code.

To learn more about Remote Build Execution, which is currently an alpha service, you can view the whitelisted documentation by joining this group. If you would like to try using Goma with Remote Build Execution, you can follow these instructions. (note: you must join the documentation whitelist group to view the instructions).

How to build

Goma server can be built on Linux.

$ GO111MODULE=on go get

You will get the binary in $(go env GOPATH)/bin.

How to run

remoteexec_proxy is a single server that acts as proxy server between Goma client and Remote Execution API.

$ remoteexec_proxy --port $PORT \
   --platform-container-image "docker://...@sha256:..." \
   --remoteexec-addr $REMOTEEXEC_ADDR \
   --remote-instance-name $REMOTE_INSTANCE_NAME

for chromium, platform container image should be created with

Example Dockerfile

FROM ubuntu:14.04
ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive

ADD /tmp/
RUN base64 -d /tmp/ > /tmp/ \
  && \
  apt-get -y update \
  && \
  apt-get install -f -y build-essential gcc-4.8 g++-4.8 \
  && \
  bash /tmp/ --lib32 --no-prompt \
     --no-chromeos-fonts \
  && \
  rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

If Remote Execution API requires service account, specify service account JSON file for Remote Execution API by --service-account-json.

Running user is granted by default. If you need to allow other users, you need to specify them by --whitelisted-users.

Log messages will be output to stderr. OpenCensus z-pages ara available at http://localhost:$PORT/debug/

How to use

Install goma client. We provide prebuilt binary with cipd, which is available in depot_tools.

$ cipd install infra/goma/client/linux-amd64 -root ${HOME}/goma

or follow the build instructions to build your own local version of Goma client before running the server code, and install it in $HOME/goma.

Need to authenticate Goma client before use.

$ $HOME/goma/ login

Specify hostname in $GOMA_SERVER_HOST and port in $GOMA_SERVER_PORT, along with a few other environment flags.

$ export GOMA_SERVER_HOST='host-of-remoteexec_proxy-running'
$ export GOMA_SERVER_PORT='port-of-remoteexec_proxy-running'
$ export GOMA_USE_SSL=false

For example, if you are running remoteexec_proxy locally with --port 5050, use:

$ export GOMA_SERVER_HOST=localhost
$ export GOMA_SERVER_PORT=5050

Finally, start Goma client:

$ $HOME/goma/ ensure_start

and in chromium tree.

$ rm -f out/Release/obj/base/base/base64.o
$ GOMA_USE_LOCAL=false autoninja -C out/Release obj/base/base/base64.o