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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Updates buildbucket's swarming task templates.
To roll production template:
cd infradata/config/configs/cr-buildbucket
cit bbroll prod
To roll canary kitchen to the latest:
cd infradata/config/configs/cr-buildbucket
cit bbroll canary kitchen
import argparse
import collections
import contextlib
import json
import os
import re
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
THIS_DIR = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)))
INFRA_REPO_ROOT = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(THIS_DIR, '..', '..', '..'))
PROD_TEMPLATE_FILENAME = 'swarming_task_template.json'
CANARY_TEMPLATE_FILENAME = 'swarming_task_template_canary.json'
_PinConfig = collections.namedtuple('_PinConfig', (
# name (str) - The name of the pin; this is how humans will refer to this pin
# on the command line.
# package_base (str) - The base CIPD package name.
# infra_relpath (str|None) -
# If this is a string, this is a relative path to the base of the infra.git
# repo, and will be used to generate a git log for the commit message.
# If this is None, this pin is just treated as a sourceless CIPD package.
# The CIPD version will change, but there won't be any git log.
# platform (bool) - If True, appends "${platform}" to the package_base.
# extra_packages (tuple[str]) - If set, these other packages will have their
# versions updated to match this pin's when this pin is updated.
def cipd_output(args):
"""Runs cipd with the given arguments, and returns the -json-output from the
Returns (json_output, error_msg) - If json_output is None, error_msg is the
error text from running the command.
with tempdir() as tdir:
data_file = os.path.join(tdir, 'data.json')
# Since this process will return a non-zero exit code if the resolution
# was incomplete, we determine correctness by examining the output JSON,
# not the exit code.
proc = subprocess.Popen(['cipd']+args+['-json-output', data_file],
stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
stdout, _ = proc.communicate()
with open(data_file, 'r') as fd:
return json.load(fd), None
except IOError:
return None, 'CIPD did not produce a JSON:\n%s' % (stdout,)
# NOTE: This should be kept in sync with "cipd_all_targets" from:
# Current version was cut from: df3fabbcf94016a8a37b74014bb4604e55faa577
VERIFY_PLATFORMS = set('%s-%s' % parts for parts in (
('linux', '386'),
('linux', 'amd64'),
('linux', 'arm64'),
('linux', 'armv6l'),
('linux', 'mips64'),
('mac', 'amd64'),
('windows', '386'),
('windows', 'amd64'),
class PinConfig(_PinConfig):
def cipd_version(self, raw_version):
"""Converts from a raw version to a full CIPD tag, depending on whether this
pin is an infra.git pin or not."""
return self.cipd_version_prefix + raw_version
def cipd_version_prefix(self):
if self.is_infra_git:
return 'git_revision:'
return 'version:'
def is_infra_git(self):
return self.infra_relpath is not None
def cipd_package(self):
"""Returns the CIPD package name for this pin."""
if self.platform:
return self.package_base + '${platform}'
return self.package_base
def cipd_packages(self):
"""Returns the CIPD package name plus all extra_packages for this pin."""
ret = [self.package_base]+list(self.extra_packages)
if self.platform:
return [x + '${platform}' for x in ret]
return ret
def raw_version(self, cipd_version):
"""Converts from a full CIPD tag back to a raw version, depending on whether
this is an infra.git pin or not."""
assert cipd_version.startswith(self.cipd_version_prefix), cipd_version
return cipd_version.split(':', 1)[1]
def get_latest_version(self):
"""Returns a raw_version of the latest pin packages.
Returns None if that couldn't be determined.
if self.is_infra_git:
print('looking for built %s packages for recent commits...'
% (,))
git('-C', INFRA_REPO_ROOT, 'fetch', 'origin')
print # Print empty line after git-fetch output
# Read up to 100 commits. It is unlikely that we will have a latest set of
# CIPD packages further than 100 commits ago.
log = git('-C', INFRA_REPO_ROOT, 'log', '-100', '--format=%H')
for commit in log.splitlines():
if not self.validate_version(commit):
return commit
print('getting latest cipd version for %s...' % (,))
description, error_msg = cipd_output([
'describe', self.cipd_package, '-version', 'latest',
if description is None:
print error_msg
return None
tags = description.get('result', {}).get('tags', [])
for tag in tags:
name, val = tag['tag'].split(':')
if name == 'version':
return val
print('unknown tags: %r', tags)
def validate_version(self, raw_version):
"""returns a non-empty string of error text if the cipd version is invalid,
otherwise returns none.
`raw_version` is the input from the --version argument. if the pin is an
infra repo pin, then this should look like a git hash (e.g. `deadbeef...`).
if the pin is for a non-infra repo tool (like git or python), this will look
like a version (e.g. `2.14.1.chromium11`). the function will prepend the
correct cipd tag name (i.e. git_revision or version).
resolved, error_msg = cipd_output([
'resolve', self.package_base,
'-version', self.cipd_version(raw_version),
if resolved is None:
return error_msg
resolved = resolved.get('result', {}).get('') or []
resolved = set(entry['package'] for entry in resolved
if entry.get('pin'))
packages = set([self.package_base + plat for plat in VERIFY_PLATFORMS]
if self.platform else [self.package_base])
missing = packages.difference(resolved)
if missing:
return 'unresolved packages: %s' % (', '.join(sorted(missing)),)
return ''
def get_changes(self, ver1, ver2):
"""Returns a description of changes between two raw versions.
If there were no changes, returns None.
if not ver1 or not ver2:
if not self.is_infra_git: # No git history for this pin.
return ''
args = [
'--format=%ad %ae %s',
'%s..%s' % (ver1, ver2),
# Here we assume that binary contents changes when files in these
# directories change.
# This avoids most of unrelated changes in the change log.
if self.infra_relpath: # non-empty
args += [self.infra_relpath]
changes = git('-C', INFRA_REPO_ROOT, *args)
if not changes:
return None
return '$ git %s\n%s' % (' '.join(args), changes)
def get_version(self, template):
"""Retrieves raw version of the pin in the task template."""
package_name = self.cipd_package
for pkg in template['properties']['cipd_input']['packages']:
if pkg['package_name'] == package_name:
return self.raw_version(pkg['version'])
return None
_PINS = collections.OrderedDict()
def _add_pin(name, package_base, infra_relpath=None, platform=True,
_PINS[name] = PinConfig(name, package_base, infra_relpath, platform,
'infra/tools/luci/kitchen/', 'go/src/infra/tools/kitchen')
'infra/tools/luci/vpython/', 'go/src/infra/tools/vpython',
'infra/tools/git/', 'go/src/infra/tools/git')
INFRA_CHANGES_UNKNOWN = 'infra.git changes are unknown'
# Most of this code expects CWD to be the git directory containing
# swarmbucket template files.
def roll_prod(_args):
"""Copies canary template to prod."""
# Read templates.
canary_template_contents =
prod_template_contents =
if canary_template_contents == prod_template_contents:
print('prod and canary template files are identical')
return 1
canary_template = json.loads(canary_template_contents)
prod_template = json.loads(prod_template_contents)
changes = []
sames = []
for pin in _PINS.itervalues():
canary_ver = pin.get_version(canary_template)
prod_ver = pin.get_version(prod_template)
if canary_ver == prod_ver:
elif pin.is_infra_git:
changes += ['%s version %s -> %s\n\n%s\n' % (,
pin.get_changes(prod_ver, canary_ver))]
changes += ['%s version %s -> %s' % (,
if sames:
changes += ['', 'unchanged: %s' % (', '.join(sames),), '']
# Talk to user.
print('rolling canary to prod')
for change in changes:
'canary was committed %s' %
git('log', '-1', '--format=%cr', CANARY_TEMPLATE_FILENAME))
'check builds in'
if raw_input('does canary look good? [N/y]: ').lower() != 'y':
print('please fix it first')
return 1
# Update template and save changes.
with open(PROD_TEMPLATE_FILENAME, 'w') as f:
cur_commit = git('rev-parse', 'HEAD')
('cr-buildbucket: roll prod template\n'
'Promote current canary template @ %s to production\n'
'%s') % (cur_commit, '\n'.join(changes)))
return 0
def roll_canary(args):
"""Changes pin version in the canary template."""
pin = _PINS[]
# Read current version.
contents =
template = json.loads(contents)
cur_rev = pin.get_version(template)
if not cur_rev:
print('could not find %s pin in the template!' % (,))
return 1
# Read new version.
new_rev = args.version
if new_rev:
err = pin.validate_version(new_rev)
if err:
print('version %s is bad. CIPD output:' % new_rev)
return 1
new_rev = pin.get_latest_version()
if not new_rev:
print('could not find a good candidate')
return 1
print('latest %s package version is %s' % (, pin.cipd_version(new_rev)))
if cur_rev == new_rev:
print 'new version matches the current one'
return 1
# Read changes.
changes = pin.get_changes(cur_rev, new_rev)
if changes is None:
print 'no changes detected between %s and %s' % (cur_rev, new_rev)
return 1
# Talk to the user.
cur_ver, new_ver = pin.cipd_version(cur_rev), pin.cipd_version(new_rev)
print('rolling canary %s version %s -> %s' % (, cur_ver, new_ver))
print changes
# TODO(nodir): replace builder URLs with a monitoring link.
'check builds in'
'check builds in'
message = 'does %s at TOT look good? [N/y]: ' % (,)
if raw_input(message).lower() != 'y':
print('please fix it first')
return 1
# Update the template.
# Minimize the template diff by using regex.
# Assume package name goes before version.
for pkg_name in pin.cipd_packages:
pattern = (
r'(package_name": "%s[^}]+version": ")[^"]+(")' %
match_count = len(re.findall(pattern, contents))
if match_count != 1:
'expected to find exactly 1 match of pattern %r, found %d!' %
(pattern, match_count))
print('please fix the template or me')
return 1
updated_contents = re.sub(pattern, r'\1%s\2' % new_ver, contents)
if contents == updated_contents:
print('internal failure: did not change the template')
return 1
contents = updated_contents
# Save changes.
with open(CANARY_TEMPLATE_FILENAME, 'w') as f:
('cr-buildbucket: roll canary %(pin_name)s @ %(new_rev_short)s\n'
'Roll canary %(pin_name)s to %(new_rev)s\n'
'%(pin_name)s change log:\n'
'%(changes)s') % {
'new_rev_short': new_rev[:9] if pin.is_infra_git else new_rev,
'new_rev': new_rev,
'changes': changes,
return 0
def tempdir():
"""Creates and returns a temporary directory, deleting it on exit."""
path = tempfile.mkdtemp(suffix='bbroll')
yield path
def make_commit(commit_message):
"""Makes a commit with a roll."""
commit_message += '\n\nThis commit was prepared by `cit bbroll` tool'
git('commit', '-a', '-m', commit_message)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'show'])
print('the commit is prepared; please send it out for review')
def git(*args):
"""Calls git and returns output without last \n."""
cmdline = ['git'] + list(args)
return subprocess.check_output(cmdline).rstrip('\n')
def main(argv):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser('Swarmbucket template roller')
help='Path to the directory containing buildbucket service configs',
subparsers = parser.add_subparsers(dest='subcommand')
prod = subparsers.add_parser('prod', help='Roll swarming_task_template.json')
canary = subparsers.add_parser(
help='Roll swarming_task_template_canary.json')
help='The name of the pin to roll.')
help='git revision or cipd version of the pin. Defaults to latest.')
args = parser.parse_args(argv)
if args.config_dir != '.':
print 'entering %s' % args.config_dir
if not os.path.isfile(CANARY_TEMPLATE_FILENAME):
'./%s is not found. Are you running this in the config directory?' %
return 1
# Check current directory:
# - must be a git repo
# - the work tree must be clean
# - HEAD must match remote origin/master
if git('status', '-s'):
print '%r' % git('status', '-s')
print('The work tree in is dirty!')
return 1
git('fetch', 'origin', 'master')
print # Print empty line after git-fetch output
expected, actual = (
git('rev-parse', 'FETCH_HEAD', 'HEAD').splitlines())
if expected != actual:
print('HEAD does not match origin/master (%s)!' % expected)
return 1
return args.func(args)
if __name__ == '__main__':