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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from import images_pins_roller as images_pins_roller_pb
DEPS = [
PROPERTIES = images_pins_roller_pb.Inputs
def RunSteps(api, properties):
# Use 'cloudbuildhelper' that comes with the infra checkout (it's in PATH),
# to make sure builders use same version as developers.
co = api.infra_checkout.checkout(
# Checkout the repo with the file to be updated.
root = api.path['cache'].join('builder', 'checkout')
api.git.checkout(properties.repo_url, dir_path=root, submodules=False)
with co.go_env():
# Use 'cloudbuildhelper' which is in PATH now.
api.cloudbuildhelper.command = 'cloudbuildhelper'
# Modify pins_yaml file in-place.
updated = api.cloudbuildhelper.update_pins(root.join(properties.pins_yaml))
# Send a CL if something has changed.
if updated:
_send_cl(api, root, updated, properties.tbr, properties.commit)
def _send_cl(api, root, updated, tbrs, commit):
desc = [
'[images] Roll pinned docker image tags.',
'Updated pins:',
] + [' * %s' % p for p in updated]
desc = '\n'.join(desc)
with api.context(cwd=root):
api.git('branch', '-D', 'roll-pins', ok_ret=(0, 1))
api.git('checkout', '-t', 'origin/master', '-b', 'roll-pins')
api.git('commit', '-a', '-m', desc)
api.git_cl.upload(desc, name='git cl upload', upload_args=[
'--bypass-hooks', # don't have full checkout to run hooks locally
'--force', # skip asking for description, we already set it
] + [
'--tbrs=%s' % tbr for tbr in tbrs
] + (['--use-commit-queue'] if commit else []))
# Put a link to the uploaded CL.
issue_step = api.git_cl(
'issue', ['--json', api.json.output()],
name='git cl issue',
step_test_data=lambda: api.json.test_api.output({
'issue': 123456789,
'issue_url': '',
out = issue_step.json.output
issue_step.presentation.links['Issue %s' % out['issue']] = out['issue_url']
def GenTests(api):
yield (
api.test('rolls') +
tbr=['', ''],