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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is govered by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Helper functions for component-related servlets."""
import collections
import logging
import re
from proto import tracker_pb2
from tracker import tracker_bizobj
ParsedComponentDef = collections.namedtuple(
'leaf_name, docstring, deprecated, '
'admin_usernames, cc_usernames, admin_ids, cc_ids, '
'label_strs, label_ids')
def ParseComponentRequest(mr, post_data, services):
"""Parse the user's request to create or update a component definition.
If an error is encountered then this function populates mr.errors
leaf_name = post_data.get('leaf_name', '')
docstring = post_data.get('docstring', '')
deprecated = 'deprecated' in post_data
admin_usernames = [
uname.strip() for uname in re.split('[,;\s]+', post_data['admins'])
if uname.strip()]
cc_usernames = [
uname.strip() for uname in re.split('[,;\s]+', post_data['cc'])
if uname.strip()]
all_user_ids = services.user.LookupUserIDs(
mr.cnxn, admin_usernames + cc_usernames, autocreate=True)
admin_ids = []
for admin_name in admin_usernames:
if admin_name not in all_user_ids:
mr.errors.member_admins = '%s unrecognized' % admin_name
admin_id = all_user_ids[admin_name]
if admin_id not in admin_ids:
cc_ids = []
for cc_name in cc_usernames:
if cc_name not in all_user_ids:
mr.errors.member_cc = '%s unrecognized' % cc_name
cc_id = all_user_ids[cc_name]
if cc_id not in cc_ids:
label_strs = [
lab.strip() for lab in re.split('[,;\s]+', post_data['labels'])
if lab.strip()]
label_ids = services.config.LookupLabelIDs(
mr.cnxn, mr.project_id, label_strs, autocreate=True)
return ParsedComponentDef(
leaf_name, docstring, deprecated,
admin_usernames, cc_usernames, admin_ids, cc_ids,
label_strs, label_ids)
def GetComponentCcIDs(issue, config):
"""Return auto-cc'd users for any component or ancestor the issue is in."""
result = set()
for component_id in issue.component_ids:
cd = tracker_bizobj.FindComponentDefByID(component_id, config)
if cd:
result.update(GetCcIDsForComponentAndAncestors(config, cd))
return result
def GetCcIDsForComponentAndAncestors(config, cd):
"""Return auto-cc'd user IDs for the given component and ancestors."""
result = set(cd.cc_ids)
ancestors = tracker_bizobj.FindAncestorComponents(config, cd)
for anc_cd in ancestors:
return result