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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is govered by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Classes that implement the issue bulk edit page and related forms.
Summary of classes:
IssueBulkEdit: Show a form for editing multiple issues and allow the
user to update them all at once.
import httplib
import logging
import time
from third_party import ezt
from features import filterrules_helpers
from features import notify
from framework import actionlimit
from framework import exceptions
from framework import framework_constants
from framework import framework_views
from framework import permissions
from framework import servlet
from framework import template_helpers
from services import tracker_fulltext
from tracker import field_helpers
from tracker import tracker_bizobj
from tracker import tracker_helpers
from tracker import tracker_views
class IssueBulkEdit(servlet.Servlet):
"""IssueBulkEdit lists multiple issues and allows an edit to all of them."""
_PAGE_TEMPLATE = 'tracker/issue-bulk-edit-page.ezt'
def AssertBasePermission(self, mr):
"""Check whether the user has any permission to visit this page.
mr: commonly used info parsed from the request.
PermissionException: if the user is not allowed to enter an issue.
super(IssueBulkEdit, self).AssertBasePermission(mr)
can_edit = self.CheckPerm(mr, permissions.EDIT_ISSUE)
can_comment = self.CheckPerm(mr, permissions.ADD_ISSUE_COMMENT)
if not (can_edit and can_comment):
raise permissions.PermissionException('bulk edit forbidden')
def GatherPageData(self, mr):
"""Build up a dictionary of data values to use when rendering the page.
mr: commonly used info parsed from the request.
Dict of values used by EZT for rendering the page.
with mr.profiler.Phase('getting issues'):
if not mr.local_id_list:
raise exceptions.InputException()
requested_issues =
mr.cnxn, mr.project_id, sorted(mr.local_id_list))
with mr.profiler.Phase('filtering issues'):
# TODO(jrobbins): filter out issues that the user cannot edit and
# provide that as feedback rather than just siliently ignoring them.
open_issues, closed_issues = (
mr, [issue.issue_id for issue in requested_issues],
issues = open_issues + closed_issues
if not issues:
self.abort(404, 'no issues found')
config =, mr.project_id)
type_label_set = {
lab.lower() for lab in issues[0].labels
if lab.lower().startswith('type-')}
for issue in issues[1:]:
new_type_set = {
lab.lower() for lab in issue.labels
if lab.lower().startswith('type-')}
type_label_set &= new_type_set
field_views = [
fd, config, type_label_set, [], [], {})
# TODO(jrobbins): field-level view restrictions, display options
# TODO(jrobbins): custom fields in templates supply values to view.
for fd in config.field_defs
if not fd.is_deleted]
# Explicitly set all field views to not required. We do not want to force
# users to have to set it for issues missing required fields.
# See for more
# details.
for fv in field_views:
fv.field_def.is_required_bool = None
with mr.profiler.Phase('making issue proxies'):
issue_views = [
local_id=issue.local_id, summary=issue.summary,
closed=ezt.boolean(issue in closed_issues))
for issue in issues]
num_seconds = (int(len(issue_views) * self._SECONDS_PER_UPDATE) +
page_perms = self.MakePagePerms(
mr, None,
return {
'issue_tab_mode': 'issueBulkEdit',
'issues': issue_views,
'num_issues': len(issue_views),
'show_progress': ezt.boolean(num_seconds > self._SLOWNESS_THRESHOLD),
'num_seconds': num_seconds,
'initial_blocked_on': '',
'initial_blocking': '',
'initial_comment': '',
'initial_status': '',
'initial_owner': '',
'initial_merge_into': '',
'initial_cc': '',
'initial_components': '',
'labels': [],
'fields': field_views,
'restrict_to_known': ezt.boolean(config.restrict_to_known),
'page_perms': page_perms,
'statuses_offer_merge': config.statuses_offer_merge,
def ProcessFormData(self, mr, post_data):
"""Process the posted issue update form.
mr: commonly used info parsed from the request.
post_data: HTML form data from the request.
String URL to redirect the user to after processing.
if not mr.local_id_list:'missing issue local IDs, probably tampered')
self.response.status = httplib.BAD_REQUEST
# Check that the user is logged in; anon users cannot update issues.
if not mr.auth.user_id:'user was not logged in, cannot update issue')
self.response.status = httplib.BAD_REQUEST # xxx should raise except
mr, {actionlimit.ISSUE_BULK_EDIT: len(mr.local_id_list)})
# Check that the user has permission to add a comment, and to enter
# metadata if they are trying to do that.
if not self.CheckPerm(mr, permissions.ADD_ISSUE_COMMENT):'user has no permission to add issue comment')
self.response.status = httplib.BAD_REQUEST
if not self.CheckPerm(mr, permissions.EDIT_ISSUE):'user has no permission to edit issue metadata')
self.response.status = httplib.BAD_REQUEST
move_to = post_data.get('move_to', '').lower()
if move_to and not self.CheckPerm(mr, permissions.DELETE_ISSUE):'user has no permission to move issue')
self.response.status = httplib.BAD_REQUEST
config =, mr.project_id)
parsed = tracker_helpers.ParseIssueRequest(
mr.cnxn, post_data,, mr.errors, mr.project_name)
parsed.labels, parsed.labels_remove,
parsed.fields.vals, parsed.fields.vals_remove,
field_vals = field_helpers.ParseFieldValues(
mr.cnxn,, parsed.fields.vals, config)
field_vals_remove = field_helpers.ParseFieldValues(
mr.cnxn,, parsed.fields.vals_remove, config)
# Treat status '' as no change and explicit 'clear' as clearing the status.
status = parsed.status
if status == '':
status = None
if post_data.get('op_statusenter') == 'clear':
status = ''
reporter_id = mr.auth.user_id'bulk edit request by %s', reporter_id)
self.CheckCaptcha(mr, post_data)
if parsed.users.owner_id is None:
mr.errors.owner = 'Invalid owner username'
valid, msg = tracker_helpers.IsValidIssueOwner(
mr.cnxn, mr.project, parsed.users.owner_id,
if not valid:
mr.errors.owner = msg
if (status in config.statuses_offer_merge and
not post_data.get('merge_into')):
mr.errors.merge_into_id = 'Please enter a valid issue ID'
move_to_project = None
if move_to:
if mr.project_name == move_to:
mr.errors.move_to = 'The issues are already in project ' + move_to
move_to_project =
mr.cnxn, move_to)
if not move_to_project:
mr.errors.move_to = 'No such project: ' + move_to
# Treat owner '' as no change, and explicit 'clear' as NO_USER_SPECIFIED
owner_id = parsed.users.owner_id
if parsed.users.owner_username == '':
owner_id = None
if post_data.get('op_ownerenter') == 'clear':
owner_id = framework_constants.NO_USER_SPECIFIED
comp_ids = tracker_helpers.LookupComponentIDs(
parsed.components.paths, config, mr.errors)
comp_ids_remove = tracker_helpers.LookupComponentIDs(
parsed.components.paths_remove, config, mr.errors)
if post_data.get('op_componententer') == 'remove':
comp_ids, comp_ids_remove = comp_ids_remove, comp_ids
cc_ids, cc_ids_remove = parsed.users.cc_ids, parsed.users.cc_ids_remove
if post_data.get('op_memberenter') == 'remove':
cc_ids, cc_ids_remove = parsed.users.cc_ids_remove, parsed.users.cc_ids
if post_data.get('op_blockedonenter') == 'append':
blocked_on_add = parsed.blocked_on.iids
blocked_on_remove = []
blocked_on_add = []
blocked_on_remove = parsed.blocked_on.iids
if post_data.get('op_blockingenter') == 'append':
blocking_add = parsed.blocking.iids
blocking_remove = []
blocking_add = []
blocking_remove = parsed.blocking.iids
iids_actually_changed = []
old_owner_ids = []
combined_amendments = []
merge_into_issue = None
new_starrers = set()
if not mr.errors.AnyErrors():
# Because we will modify issues, load from DB rather than cache.
issue_list =
mr.cnxn, mr.project_id, mr.local_id_list, use_cache=False)
# Skip any individual issues that the user is not allowed to edit.
editable_issues = [
issue for issue in issue_list
if permissions.CanEditIssue(
mr.auth.effective_ids, mr.perms, mr.project, issue)]
# Skip any restrict issues that cannot be moved
if move_to:
editable_issues = [
issue for issue in editable_issues
if not permissions.GetRestrictions(issue)]
# If 'Duplicate' status is specified ensure there are no permission issues
# with the issue we want to merge with.
if post_data.get('merge_into'):
for issue in editable_issues:
_, merge_into_issue = tracker_helpers.ParseMergeFields(
mr.cnxn,, mr.project_name, post_data, parsed.status,
config, issue, mr.errors)
if merge_into_issue:
merge_allowed = tracker_helpers.IsMergeAllowed(
merge_into_issue, mr,
if not merge_allowed:
mr.errors.merge_into_id = 'Target issue %s cannot be modified' % (
# Update the new_starrers set.
mr.cnxn,, issue.issue_id,
# Proceed with amendments only if there are no reported errors.
if not mr.errors.AnyErrors():
# Sort the issues: we want them in this order so that the
# corresponding old_owner_id are found in the same order.
editable_issues.sort(lambda i1, i2: cmp(i1.local_id, i2.local_id))
iids_to_invalidate = set()
rules =
mr.cnxn, config.project_id)
predicate_asts = filterrules_helpers.ParsePredicateASTs(
rules, config, None)
for issue in editable_issues:
old_owner_id = tracker_bizobj.GetOwnerId(issue)
merge_into_iid = (
merge_into_issue.issue_id if merge_into_issue else None)
delta = tracker_bizobj.MakeIssueDelta(
status, owner_id, cc_ids, cc_ids_remove, comp_ids, comp_ids_remove,
parsed.labels, parsed.labels_remove, field_vals, field_vals_remove,
parsed.fields.fields_clear, blocked_on_add, blocked_on_remove,
blocking_add, blocking_remove, merge_into_iid, None)
amendments, _ =
mr.cnxn,, mr.auth.user_id, mr.project_id, config,
issue, delta, comment=parsed.comment,
iids_to_invalidate=iids_to_invalidate, rules=rules,
if amendments or parsed.comment: # Avoid empty comments.
combined_amendments.extend(amendments), iids_to_invalidate)
mr.cnxn, mr.project.project_id)
# Add new_starrers and new CCs to merge_into_issue.
if merge_into_issue:
merge_into_project =
mr.cnxn, merge_into_issue.project_name)
mr.cnxn,, mr, merge_into_issue.issue_id,
merge_into_project, new_starrers)
tracker_helpers.MergeCCsAndAddCommentMultipleIssues(, mr, editable_issues, merge_into_project,
if move_to and editable_issues:
[issue.issue_id for issue in editable_issues])
for issue in editable_issues:
old_text_ref = 'issue %s:%s' % (issue.project_name, issue.local_id)
moved_back_iids =
mr.cnxn, move_to_project, [issue],
new_text_ref = 'issue %s:%s' % (issue.project_name, issue.local_id)
if issue.issue_id in moved_back_iids:
content = 'Moved %s back to %s again.' % (
old_text_ref, new_text_ref)
content = 'Moved %s to now be %s.' % (old_text_ref, new_text_ref)
mr.cnxn, issue, mr.auth.user_id, content, amendments=[
send_email = 'send_email' in post_data
users_by_id = framework_views.MakeAllUserViews(
[owner_id], cc_ids, cc_ids_remove, old_owner_ids,
if move_to and editable_issues:
iids_actually_changed = [
issue.issue_id for issue in editable_issues]
old_owner_ids, parsed.comment,
reporter_id, combined_amendments, send_email, users_by_id)
if mr.errors.AnyErrors():
bounce_cc_parts = (
parsed.users.cc_usernames +
['-%s' % ccur for ccur in parsed.users.cc_usernames_remove])
bounce_labels = (
parsed.labels +
['-%s' % lr for lr in parsed.labels_remove])
mr, initial_status=parsed.status,
initial_merge_into=post_data.get('merge_into', 0),
initial_cc=', '.join(bounce_cc_parts),
with mr.profiler.Phase('reindexing issues'):'starting reindexing')
start = time.time()
# Get the updated issues and index them
issue_list =
mr.cnxn, mr.project_id, mr.local_id_list)
mr.cnxn, issue_list,,,'reindexing %d issues took %s sec',
len(issue_list), time.time() - start)
# TODO(jrobbins): These could be put into the form action attribute.
mr.can = int(post_data['can'])
mr.query = post_data['q']
mr.col_spec = post_data['colspec']
mr.sort_spec = post_data['sort']
mr.group_by_spec = post_data['groupby']
mr.start = int(post_data['start'])
mr.num = int(post_data['num'])
# TODO(jrobbins): implement bulk=N param for a better confirmation alert.
return tracker_helpers.FormatIssueListURL(
mr, config, saved=len(mr.local_id_list), ts=int(time.time()))