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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is govered by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Helper functions for issue template servlets"""
import collections
import logging
from framework import authdata
from framework import exceptions
from framework import framework_bizobj
from framework import framework_helpers
from tracker import field_helpers
from tracker import tracker_bizobj
from tracker import tracker_helpers
from proto import tracker_pb2
'phase_0', 'phase_1', 'phase_2', 'phase_3', 'phase_4', 'phase_5']
ParsedTemplate = collections.namedtuple(
'ParsedTemplate', 'name, members_only, summary, summary_must_be_edited, '
'content, status, owner_str, labels, field_val_strs, component_paths, '
'component_required, owner_defaults_to_member, admin_str, add_phases, '
'phase_names, approvals_by_phase_idx')
def ParseTemplateRequest(post_data, config):
"""Parse an issue template."""
name = post_data.get('name', '')
members_only = (post_data.get('members_only') == 'on')
summary = post_data.get('summary', '')
summary_must_be_edited = (
post_data.get('summary_must_be_edited') == 'on')
content = post_data.get('content', '')
content = framework_helpers.WordWrapSuperLongLines(content, max_cols=75)
status = post_data.get('status', '')
owner_str = post_data.get('owner', '')
labels = post_data.getall('label')
field_val_strs = collections.defaultdict(list)
for fd in config.field_defs:
field_value_key = 'custom_%d' % fd.field_id
if post_data.get(field_value_key):
component_paths = []
if post_data.get('components'):
for component_path in post_data.get('components').split(','):
if component_path.strip() not in component_paths:
component_required = post_data.get('component_required') == 'on'
owner_defaults_to_member = post_data.get('owner_defaults_to_member') == 'on'
admin_str = post_data.get('admin_names', '')
add_phases = post_data.get('add_phases') == 'on'
phase_names = [post_data.get(phase_input, '') for phase_input in PHASE_INPUTS]
approvals_by_phase_idx = collections.defaultdict(list)
for approval_def in config.approval_defs:
phase_num = post_data.get('approval_%d' % approval_def.approval_id, '')
idx = PHASE_INPUTS.index(phase_num)
except ValueError:'approval %d was omitted' % approval_def.approval_id)
return ParsedTemplate(
name, members_only, summary, summary_must_be_edited, content, status,
owner_str, labels, field_val_strs, component_paths, component_required,
owner_defaults_to_member, admin_str, add_phases, phase_names,
def GetTemplateInfoFromParsed(mr, services, parsed, config):
"""Get Template field info and PBs from a ParsedTemplate."""
admin_ids, _ = tracker_helpers.ParseAdminUsers(
mr.cnxn, parsed.admin_str, services.user)
owner_id = 0
if parsed.owner_str:
user_id = services.user.LookupUserID(mr.cnxn, parsed.owner_str)
auth = authdata.AuthData.FromUserID(mr.cnxn, user_id, services)
if framework_bizobj.UserIsInProject(mr.project, auth.effective_ids):
owner_id = user_id
mr.errors.owner = 'User is not a member of this project.'
except exceptions.NoSuchUserException:
mr.errors.owner = 'Owner not found.'
component_ids = tracker_helpers.LookupComponentIDs(
parsed.component_paths, config, mr.errors)
field_values = field_helpers.ParseFieldValues(
mr.cnxn, services.user, parsed.field_val_strs, config)
for fv in field_values:'field_value is %r: %r',
fv.field_id, tracker_bizobj.GetFieldValue(fv, {}))
phases = []
if parsed.add_phases:
phases = _GetPhasesFromParsed(
mr, parsed.phase_names, parsed.approvals_by_phase_idx)
return admin_ids, owner_id, component_ids, field_values, phases
def _GetPhasesFromParsed(mr, phase_names, approvals_by_phase_idx):
"""Get Phase PBs from a parsed phase_names and approvals_by_phase_idx."""
phases = []
valid_phase_idxs = [idx for idx, name in enumerate(phase_names) if name]
if set(valid_phase_idxs) != set(approvals_by_phase_idx.keys()):
mr.errors.phase_approvals = 'Defined gates must have assigned approvals.'
return phases
for idx in approvals_by_phase_idx:
approval_ids = approvals_by_phase_idx[idx]
phase_name = phase_names[idx]
# Distributing the ranks over a wider range is not necessary since
# any edits to template phases will cause a complete rewrite
phase = tracker_pb2.Phase(name=phase_name, rank=idx)
for approval_id in approval_ids:
av = tracker_pb2.ApprovalValue(
# TODO(jojwang): monorail:3655, add default sub_field_values
# TODO(jojwang): monorail:3656, add option for default approvers
# per template
return phases