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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Access to bucket configurations.
Stores bucket list in datastore, synchronizes it with bucket configs in
project repositories: `projects/<project_id>:<buildbucket-app-id>.cfg`.
import collections
import copy
import hashlib
import logging
import re
from google.appengine.api import app_identity
from google.appengine.api import memcache
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
from components import auth
from components import config
from components import datastore_utils
from components import gitiles
from components import utils
from components.config import validation
from import project_config_pb2
from import service_config_pb2
import errors
import experiments
ACL_SET_NAME_RE = re.compile('^[a-z0-9_]+$')
# The default percentage of builds that are marked as canary.
# This number is relatively high so we treat canary seriously and that we have
# a strong signal if the canary is broken.
# The memcache key for get_all_bucket_ids_async cache.
_MEMCACHE_ALL_BUCKET_IDS_KEY = 'all_bucket_ids_v1'
# Expiration time for get_all_bucket_ids_async cache.
def cfg_path():
"""Returns relative buildbucket config file path."""
appid = app_identity.get_application_id()
except AttributeError: # pragma: no cover | does not get run on some bots
# Raised in testbed environment because cfg_path is called
# during decoration.
appid = 'testbed-test'
return '%s.cfg' % appid
def self_config_set():
"""Returns buildbucket's service config set."""
return config.self_config_set()
except AttributeError: # pragma: no cover | does not get run on some bots
# Raised in testbed environment because cfg_path is called
# during decoration.
return 'services/testbed-test'
def validate_identity(identity, ctx):
if ':' in identity:
kind, name = identity.split(':', 2)
kind = 'user'
name = identity
auth.Identity(kind, name)
except ValueError as ex:
ctx.error('%s', ex)
def validate_access_list(acl_list, ctx):
"""Validates a list of Acl messages."""
for i, acl in enumerate(acl_list):
with ctx.prefix('acl #%d: ', i + 1):
if and acl.identity:
ctx.error('either group or identity must be set, not both')
if not auth.is_valid_group_name(
ctx.error('invalid group: %s',
elif acl.identity:
validate_identity(acl.identity, ctx)
ctx.error('group or identity must be set')
@validation.project_config_rule(cfg_path(), project_config_pb2.BuildbucketCfg)
def validate_buildbucket_cfg(cfg, ctx):
import swarmingcfg
acl_set_names = set()
for i, acl_set in enumerate(cfg.acl_sets):
with ctx.prefix('ACL set #%d (%s): ', i + 1,
if not
ctx.error('name is unspecified')
elif not ACL_SET_NAME_RE.match(
'invalid name "%s" does not match regex %r',,
elif in acl_set_names:
ctx.error('duplicate name "%s"',
validate_access_list(acl_set.acls, ctx)
mixin_ctx = validation.Context( # pragma: no cover
on_message=lambda msg: ctx.msg(msg.severity, '%s', msg.text))
swarmingcfg.validate_builder_mixins(cfg.builder_mixins, mixin_ctx)
mixins_are_valid = not mixin_ctx.result().has_errors
mixin_by_name = { m for m in cfg.builder_mixins}
bucket_names = set()
for i, bucket in enumerate(cfg.buckets):
with ctx.prefix('Bucket %s: ', or ('#%d' % (i + 1))):
errors.validate_bucket_name(, project_id=ctx.project_id)
except errors.InvalidInputError as ex:
ctx.error('invalid name: %s', ex.message)
if in bucket_names:
ctx.error('duplicate bucket name')
if i > 0 and < cfg.buckets[i - 1].name:
ctx.warning('out of order')
validate_access_list(bucket.acls, ctx)
for name in bucket.acl_sets:
if name not in acl_set_names:
'undefined ACL set "%s". '
'It must be defined in the same file', name
if bucket.HasField('swarming'): # pragma: no cover
with ctx.prefix('swarming: '):
bucket.swarming, mixin_by_name, mixins_are_valid, ctx
self_config_set(), 'settings.cfg', service_config_pb2.SettingsCfg
def validate_settings_cfg(cfg, ctx): # pragma: no cover
import swarmingcfg
if cfg.HasField('swarming'):
with ctx.prefix('swarming: '):
swarmingcfg.validate_service_cfg(cfg.swarming, ctx)
if not cfg.logdog.hostname:
ctx.error('logdog: hostname is required')
if not cfg.resultdb.hostname:
ctx.error('resultdb: hostname is required')
class Project(ndb.Model):
"""Parent entity for Bucket.
Does not exist in the datastore.
Entity key:
Root entity. ID is project id.
def is_legacy_bucket_id(bucket_id):
return '/' not in bucket_id
def format_bucket_id(project_id, bucket_name): # pragma: no cover
"""Returns a bucket id string."""
return '%s/%s' % (project_id, bucket_name)
def parse_bucket_id(bucket_id):
"""Returns a (project_id, bucket_name) tuple."""
parts = bucket_id.split('/', 1)
assert len(parts) == 2
return tuple(parts)
def validate_project_id(project_id):
"""Raises errors.InvalidInputError if project_id is invalid."""
if not validation.is_valid_project_id(project_id):
raise errors.InvalidInputError('invalid project_id %r' % project_id)
validate_bucket_name = errors.validate_bucket_name
def validate_bucket_id(bucket_id):
"""Raises errors.InvalidInputError if bucket_id is invalid."""
assert not is_legacy_bucket_id(bucket_id)
project_id, bucket_name = parse_bucket_id(bucket_id)
except errors.InvalidInputError as ex:
raise errors.InvalidInputError('invalid bucket_id %r: %s' % (bucket_id, ex))
parts = bucket_name.split('.', 2)
if len(parts) == 3 and parts[0] == 'luci' and parts[1] == project_id:
expected_bucket_id = '%s/%s' % (project_id, parts[2])
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'invalid bucket_id string %r. Did you mean %r?' %
(bucket_id, expected_bucket_id)
class Bucket(ndb.Model):
"""Stores bucket configurations.
Bucket entities are updated in cron_update_buckets() from project configs.
Entity key:
Parent is Project. Id is a "short" bucket name.
See also bucket_name attribute and short_bucket_name().
def _get_kind(cls):
return 'BucketV2'
# Bucket name not prefixed by project id.
# For example "try" or "master.x".
# If a bucket in a config file has "luci.<project_id>." prefix, the
# prefix is stripped, e.g. "try", not "luci.chromium.try".
bucket_name = ndb.ComputedProperty(lambda self:
# Version of entity schema. If not current, cron_update_buckets will update
# the entity forcefully.
entity_schema_version = ndb.IntegerProperty()
# Bucket revision matches its config revision.
revision = ndb.StringProperty(required=True)
# Binary equivalent of config_content.
config = datastore_utils.ProtobufProperty(project_config_pb2.Bucket)
def _pre_put_hook(self):
assert ==
def project_id(self):
return self.key.parent().id()
def make_key(project_id, bucket_name):
return ndb.Key(Project, project_id, Bucket, bucket_name)
def key_to_bucket_id(key):
return format_bucket_id(key.parent().id(),
def bucket_id(self):
return format_bucket_id(self.project_id, self.bucket_name)
class Builder(ndb.Model):
"""Stores builder configuration.
Updated in cron_update_buckets() along with buckets.
Entity key:
Parent is Bucket. Id is a builder name.
def _get_kind(cls):
# "Builder" conflicts with model.Builder.
return 'Bucket.Builder'
# Binary config content.
config = datastore_utils.ProtobufProperty(project_config_pb2.Builder)
# Hash used for fast deduplication of configs. Set automatically on put.
config_hash = ndb.StringProperty(required=True)
def compute_hash(cfg):
"""Computes a hash for a builder config."""
return hashlib.sha256(cfg.SerializeToString(deterministic=True)).hexdigest()
def _pre_put_hook(self):
assert ==
assert not self.config_hash
self.config_hash = self.compute_hash(self.config)
def make_key(project_id, bucket_name, builder_name):
return ndb.Key(
Project, project_id, Bucket, bucket_name, Builder, builder_name
def short_bucket_name(bucket_name):
"""Returns bucket name without "luci.<project_id>." prefix."""
parts = bucket_name.split('.', 2)
if len(parts) == 3 and parts[0] == 'luci':
return parts[2]
return bucket_name
def is_swarming_config(cfg):
"""Returns True if this is a Swarming bucket config."""
return cfg and cfg.HasField('swarming')
def get_all_bucket_ids_async():
"""Returns a sorted list of all defined bucket IDs."""
ctx = ndb.get_context()
ids = yield ctx.memcache_get(_MEMCACHE_ALL_BUCKET_IDS_KEY)
if ids is None:
keys = yield Bucket.query().fetch_async(keys_only=True)
ids = sorted(Bucket.key_to_bucket_id(key) for key in keys)
yield ctx.memcache_set(
raise ndb.Return(ids)
def get_buckets_async(bucket_ids=None, include_builders=False):
"""Returns configured buckets.
If bucket_ids is None, returns all buckets.
Otherwise returns only specified buckets.
If a bucket does not exist, returns a None map value.
By default, builder configs are omitted.
{bucket_id: project_config_pb2.Bucket} dict.
cfgs = {}
if bucket_ids is not None:
bucket_ids = list(bucket_ids)
keys = [Bucket.make_key(*parse_bucket_id(bid)) for bid in bucket_ids]
cfgs = {bid: None for bid in bucket_ids}
buckets = yield ndb.get_multi_async(keys)
buckets = yield Bucket.query().fetch_async()
cfgs.update({b.bucket_id: b.config for b in buckets if b})
builders = {} # bucket_id -> [builders]
if include_builders:
futures = {}
for bucket_id in cfgs:
bucket_key = Bucket.make_key(*parse_bucket_id(bucket_id))
futures[bucket_id] = Builder.query(ancestor=bucket_key).fetch_async()
for bucket_id, f in futures.iteritems():
builders[bucket_id] = f.get_result()
for bucket_id, cfg in cfgs.iteritems():
if is_swarming_config(cfg):
sorted([b.config for b in builders.get(bucket_id, [])],
key=lambda b:
raise ndb.Return(cfgs)
'resolve_bucket_name_async', key_args=['bucket_name'], time=300
) # memcache for 5m
def resolve_bucket_name_async(bucket_name):
"""Returns bucket id for the bucket name.
Does not check access.
errors.InvalidInputError if the bucket name is not unique.
bucket id string or None if such bucket does not exist.
buckets = yield Bucket.query(Bucket.bucket_name == bucket_name).fetch_async()
if len(buckets) > 1:
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'bucket name %r is ambiguous, '
'it has to be prefixed with a project id: "<project_id>/%s"' %
(bucket_name, bucket_name)
raise ndb.Return(buckets[0].bucket_id if buckets else None)
def get_bucket_async(bucket_id):
"""Returns a (revision, project_config_pb2.Bucket) tuple."""
key = Bucket.make_key(*parse_bucket_id(bucket_id))
bucket = yield key.get_async()
if bucket is None:
raise ndb.Return(None, None)
if is_swarming_config(bucket.config): # pragma: no cover
raise ndb.Return(bucket.revision, bucket.config)
def get_bucket(bucket_id):
"""Returns a (revision, project_config_pb2.Bucket) tuple."""
return get_bucket_async(bucket_id).get_result()
def _normalize_acls(acls):
"""Normalizes a RepeatedCompositeContainer of Acl messages."""
for a in acls:
if a.identity and ':' not in a.identity:
a.identity = 'user:%s' % a.identity
sort_key = lambda a: (a.role,, a.identity)
for i in xrange(len(acls) - 1, 0, -1):
if sort_key(acls[i]) == sort_key(acls[i - 1]):
del acls[i]
def _backfill_experiments(builder_cfg):
"""Sets well-known experiments defined by deprecated fields in Builder.
The mapping between deprecated fields and well-known experiments is:
'experimental': 'luci.non_production',
'task_template_canary_percentage': 'luci.buildbucket.canary_software',
If the well-known experiment is already set in the Builder's `experiments`
map, this function won't update it.
if experiments.CANARY not in builder_cfg.experiments:
builder_cfg.experiments[experiments.CANARY] = (
if builder_cfg.HasField('task_template_canary_percentage') else
if experiments.NON_PROD not in builder_cfg.experiments:
] = (100 if builder_cfg.experimental == project_config_pb2.YES else 0)
if experiments.BBAGENT_GET_BUILD not in builder_cfg.experiments:
builder_cfg.experiments[experiments.BBAGENT_GET_BUILD] = 0
if experiments.USE_BBAGENT not in builder_cfg.experiments:
builder_cfg.experiments[experiments.USE_BBAGENT] = 0
if experiments.USE_REALMS not in builder_cfg.experiments:
builder_cfg.experiments[experiments.USE_REALMS] = 0
def put_bucket(project_id, revision, bucket_cfg):
# New Bucket format uses short bucket names, e.g. "try" instead of
# "luci.chromium.try".
# Use short name in both entity key and config contents.
short_bucket_cfg = copy.deepcopy(bucket_cfg) = short_bucket_name(
# Trim builders. They're stored in separate Builder entities.
if is_swarming_config(short_bucket_cfg):
def put_builders(project_id, bucket_name, *builder_cfgs):
builders = [
Builder(key=Builder.make_key(project_id, bucket_name,, config=b)
for b in builder_cfgs
def cron_update_buckets():
"""Synchronizes bucket entities with configs fetched from luci-config.
When storing in the datastore, inlines the referenced ACL sets and clears
the acl_sets message field. Also inlines swarmbucket builder defaults and
mixins and clears Builder.mixins field.
import flatten_swarmingcfg
config_map = config.get_project_configs(
cfg_path(), project_config_pb2.BuildbucketCfg
# Initial set of ndb.Bucket keys present in the datastore. Will be updated
# alongside datastore mutations below to get the final set of keys. It will be
# use to refresh get_all_bucket_ids_async cache. Note that we can't just redo
# the query at the end, since it is eventually consistent and may miss
# recently added entities.
buckets_in_datastore = set(Bucket.query().fetch(keys_only=True))
buckets_to_delete = collections.defaultdict(set) # project_id -> ndb keys
for key in buckets_in_datastore:
for project_id, (revision, project_cfg, _) in config_map.iteritems():
if project_cfg is None:
logging.error('config of project %s is broken', project_id)
# Do not delete all buckets of a broken project.
buckets_to_delete.pop(project_id, None)
# revision is None in file-system mode. Use SHA1 of the config as revision.
revision = revision or 'sha1:%s' % hashlib.sha1(
acl_sets_by_name = { a for a in project_cfg.acl_sets}
builder_mixins_by_name = { m for m in project_cfg.builder_mixins}
for bucket_cfg in project_cfg.buckets:
bucket_key = Bucket.make_key(
project_id, short_bucket_name(
bucket = bucket_key.get()
if (bucket and
bucket.entity_schema_version == CURRENT_BUCKET_SCHEMA_VERSION and
bucket.revision == revision):
# Inline ACL sets.
for name in bucket_cfg.acl_sets:
acl_set = acl_sets_by_name.get(name)
if not acl_set:
'referenced acl_set not found.\n'
'Bucket: %s\n'
'ACL set name: %r\n'
'Config revision: %r', bucket_key, name, revision
del bucket_cfg.acl_sets[:]
builders = {b.key: b for b in Builder.query(ancestor=bucket_key).fetch()}
builders_to_delete = set(builders)
builders_to_put = []
if bucket_cfg.HasField('swarming'):
# Pull builder defaults out and apply defaults.
defaults = bucket_cfg.swarming.builder_defaults
if not any(d.startswith('pool:') for d in defaults.dimensions):
'pool:luci.%s.%s' %
(project_id, short_bucket_name(
defaults.swarming_host = (
defaults.swarming_host or bucket_cfg.swarming.hostname
f = 'task_template_canary_percentage'
if not defaults.HasField(f) and bucket_cfg.swarming.HasField(f):
for b in
b, defaults, builder_mixins_by_name
builder_key = Builder.make_key(project_id,,
builder = builders.get(builder_key)
if builder and builder.config_hash == Builder.compute_hash(b):
# TODO(crbug/917873): Remove builders from the bucket config before put.
# Requires updating every location that needs builder info to fetch
# builder entities instead of assuming bucket entities will contain them.
# pylint: disable=no-value-for-parameter
def update_entities():
bucket = bucket_key.get()
if (bucket and
bucket.entity_schema_version == CURRENT_BUCKET_SCHEMA_VERSION and
bucket.revision == revision): # pragma: no coverage
put_bucket(project_id, revision, bucket_cfg)
put_builders(project_id,, *builders_to_put)
ndb.delete_multi(list(builders_to_delete))'Updated bucket %s to revision %s', bucket_key, revision)
# Delete non-existent buckets (and all associated builders).
for buckets in buckets_to_delete.itervalues():
to_delete = list(buckets)
for b in buckets:
if to_delete:
logging.warning('Deleting entities: %s', ' '.join(map(str, to_delete)))
ndb.transaction(lambda: ndb.delete_multi(to_delete))
buckets_in_datastore -= set(buckets)
# Eagerly update get_all_bucket_ids_async cache. No big deal if this fails,
# the cache will expire naturally at some point. This is just an optimization
# to speed up bucket list updates.
sorted(Bucket.key_to_bucket_id(key) for key in buckets_in_datastore),
def get_buildbucket_cfg_url(project_id):
"""Returns URL of a buildbucket config file in a project, or None."""
config_url = config.get_config_set_location('projects/%s' % project_id)
if config_url is None: # pragma: no cover
return None
loc = gitiles.Location.parse(config_url)
except ValueError: # pragma: no cover
'Not a valid Gitiles URL %r of project %s', config_url, project_id
return None
return str(loc.join(cfg_path()))
def get_settings_async(): # pragma: no cover
_, global_settings = yield config.get_self_config_async(
'settings.cfg', service_config_pb2.SettingsCfg, store_last_good=True
raise ndb.Return(global_settings or service_config_pb2.SettingsCfg())
def builder_id_string(builder_id_message): # pragma: no cover
"""Returns a canonical string representation of a BuilderID."""
bid = builder_id_message
return '%s/%s/%s' % (bid.project, bid.bucket, bid.builder)
def builder_matches(builder_id_msg, predicate):
"""Returns True iff builder_id_msg matches the predicate.
* builder_id_msg (builder_pb2.BuilderID)
* predicate (service_config_pb2.BuilderPredicate)
builder_str = builder_id_string(builder_id_msg)
def _matches(regex_list):
for pattern in regex_list:
if re.match('^%s$' % pattern, builder_str):
return True
except re.error: # pragma: no cover
logging.exception('Regex %r failed on %r', pattern, builder_str)
return False
if _matches(predicate.regex_exclude):
return False
return not predicate.regex or _matches(predicate.regex)