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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from collections import defaultdict
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
from findit_v2.model.atomic_failure import AtomicFailure
from findit_v2.model.base_failure_analysis import BaseFailureAnalysis
from findit_v2.model.failure_group import BaseFailureGroup
from findit_v2.model.gitiles_commit import GitilesCommit
from findit_v2.model.luci_build import LuciBuild
from gae_libs.model.versioned_model import VersionedModel
def GetTestFailures(test_failure_entities):
"""Gets test failures in dict format."""
test_failures = defaultdict(lambda: {'tests': []})
for test_failure_entity in test_failure_entities:
step_failures = test_failures[test_failure_entity.step_ui_name]
if test_failure_entity.test:
'name': test_failure_entity.test,
assert not step_failures.get('properties'), (
'Duplicated step level failure entities exists for {}'.format(
step_failures['properties'] =
return test_failures
class TestFailure(AtomicFailure):
"""Test failure that cannot be further divided.
Usually each entity should be for a test. But it's possible that Findit cannot
get test level information for any reason, if so the entity could be at
suite or step level.
Test failures in the same build have the same parent.
# Key to the failure that this failure merges into.
# No analysis on current failure, instead use the results of merged_failure.
merged_failure_key = ndb.KeyProperty(kind='TestFailure')
def test(self):
"""Name of the failed test."""
entity_id =
id_parts = entity_id.split('@', 1)
assert len(id_parts) == 2, 'Atomic Failure ID is in wrong format: %s' % (
return id_parts[1] or None
def _CreateID(cls, step_ui_name, test):
return '{}@{}'.format(step_ui_name, test or '')
# Arguments number differs from overridden method - pylint: disable=W0221
def Create(cls,
instance = super(TestFailure,
cls._CreateID(step_ui_name, test),
first_failed_build_id, last_passed_build_id,
failure_group_build_id, files, properties)
instance.merged_failure_key = merged_failure_key
return instance
def GetFailureIdentifier(self):
"""Gets the identifier to differentiate a test failure in a step."""
return frozenset([self.test] if self.test else [])
def GetMergedFailure(self):
"""Gets the most up-to-date merged_failure for the current failure."""
if self.merged_failure_key:
return self.merged_failure_key.get()
if (self.first_failed_build_id == self.build_id and
self.failure_group_build_id == self.build_id):
# First failure without being merged into any other failure group.
return self
# In a special case that a non-first failure was processed before the first
# failure, it's possible that the merged_failure_key is not stored in the
# non-first failure.
merged_failure_key = self.GetMergedFailureKey(
{}, self.first_failed_build_id, self.step_ui_name,
if not merged_failure_key:
return None
self.merged_failure_key = merged_failure_key
return merged_failure_key.get()
class TestFailureGroup(BaseFailureGroup):
"""Class for group of test failures."""
# Keys to the failures in the first build of the group, immutable after the
# group is created.
# These failures are used to compare to failures in other builds and decide
# if those failures can be added to the group.
# If they can, add the failures to this group by setting their
# failure_group_build_id this group's id.
test_failure_keys = ndb.KeyProperty(TestFailure, repeated=True)
def test_failures(self):
"""Gets test failures that are included in the group."""
return GetTestFailures(ndb.get_multi(self.test_failure_keys))
# Arguments number differs from overridden method - pylint: disable=W0221
def Create(cls, luci_project, luci_bucket, build_id, gitiles_host,
gitiles_project, gitiles_ref, last_passed_gitiles_id,
last_passed_commit_position, first_failed_gitiles_id,
first_failed_commit_position, test_failure_keys):
assert test_failure_keys, (
'no failed tests when creating TestFailureGroup for {}'.format(build_id)
instance = super(TestFailureGroup, cls).Create(
luci_project, luci_bucket, build_id, gitiles_host, gitiles_project,
gitiles_ref, last_passed_gitiles_id, last_passed_commit_position,
first_failed_gitiles_id, first_failed_commit_position)
instance.test_failure_keys = test_failure_keys
return instance
class TestFailureAnalysis(BaseFailureAnalysis, VersionedModel):
"""Class for a test analysis.
This class stores information that is needed during the analysis, and also
some metadata for the analysis.
The objects are versioned, so when rerun, Findit will create an entity with
newer version, instead of deleting the existing analysis.
# Key to the failed tests this analysis analyzes.
test_failure_keys = ndb.KeyProperty(TestFailure, repeated=True)
# Arguments number differs from overridden method - pylint: disable=W0221
def Create(cls, luci_project, luci_bucket, luci_builder, build_id,
gitiles_host, gitiles_project, gitiles_ref, last_passed_gitiles_id,
last_passed_commit_position, first_failed_gitiles_id,
first_failed_commit_position, rerun_builder_id, test_failure_keys):
instance = super(TestFailureAnalysis, cls).Create(build_id)
last_passed_commit = GitilesCommit(
first_failed_commit = GitilesCommit(
instance.builder_id = '{}/{}/{}'.format(luci_project, luci_bucket,
instance.build_id = build_id
instance.last_passed_commit = last_passed_commit
instance.first_failed_commit = first_failed_commit
instance.rerun_builder_id = rerun_builder_id
instance.test_failure_keys = test_failure_keys
return instance
class TestFailureInRerunBuild(ndb.Model):
"""Atomic test failure in a rerun build.
Since we only need to keep a simple record on what's failed in rerun build,
it's no need to reuse TestFailure.
# Full step name.
step_ui_name = ndb.StringProperty()
# Failed test name.
test = ndb.StringProperty()
class TestRerunBuild(LuciBuild):
"""Class for a rerun build for a compile failure analysis."""
# Compile failures in the rerun build.
failures = ndb.LocalStructuredProperty(TestFailureInRerunBuild, repeated=True)
def GetFailuresInBuild(self):
"""Gets a list of failed tests of each step that failed in the rerun build.
test_failures = defaultdict(list)
for failure in self.failures or []:
if not failure.test:
# Ensures the failed step is included in test_failures when no test
# level info.
_ = test_failures[failure.step_ui_name]
return test_failures
def SearchBuildOnCommit(cls, analysis_key, commit):
return cls.query(ancestor=analysis_key).filter(
cls.gitiles_commit.gitiles_id == commit.gitiles_id).fetch()