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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""An abstraction of a ChangeList's relevant information."""
from libs import time_util
class PatchSet(object):
def __init__(self, patchset_id, revision, parent_revisions):
# A string such as '1'.
self.patchset_id = patchset_id
# A commit hash e.g. 'abcd0123abcd0123abcd0123abcd0123abcd0123'.
self.revision = revision
# A list of commit hashes this patchset depends on.
self.parent_revisions = parent_revisions
def serialize(self):
return {
'patchset_id': self.patchset_id,
'revision': self.revision,
'parent_revisions': self.parent_revisions,
class Commit(PatchSet):
def __init__(self, patchset_id, revision, parent_revisions, timestamp):
super(Commit, self).__init__(patchset_id, revision, parent_revisions)
# The timestamp of the message as stored in the code review issue.
self.timestamp = timestamp
def serialize(self):
data = super(Commit, self).serialize()
data['timestamp'] = time_util.FormatDatetime(self.timestamp)
return data
class CommitAttempt(object):
def __init__(self, patchset_id, user_email, timestamp):
# A string such as '1'.
self.patchset_id = patchset_id
# The timestamp of the message as stored in the code review issue.
self.last_cq_timestamp = timestamp
# The user who clicked the commit checkbox
self.committing_user_email = user_email
def serialize(self):
return {
'patchset_id': self.patchset_id,
'committing_user_email': self.committing_user_email,
'timestamp': time_util.FormatDatetime(self.last_cq_timestamp),
class Revert(object):
def __init__(self, patchset_id, reverting_cl, reverting_user_email,
# A string such as '1'
self.patchset_id = patchset_id
# A ClInfo object
self.reverting_cl = reverting_cl
# The user who created the revert (the sender of the message).
self.reverting_user_email = reverting_user_email
# The message's timestamp.
self.timestamp = timestamp
def serialize(self):
result = {
'patchset_id': self.patchset_id,
'reverting_user_email': self.reverting_user_email,
# Time of reverting patch creation.
'timestamp': time_util.FormatDatetime(self.timestamp),
if self.reverting_cl:
result['reverting_cl'] = self.reverting_cl.serialize()
return result
class ClInfo(object):
def __init__(self, server_hostname, change_id):
# The host name for the code review site this cl is on.
self.server_hostname = server_hostname
# The number or string that uniquely identifies this change in the given
# code review site.
self.change_id = change_id
# The email of the CL owner.
self.owner_email = None
# A map of patchset_id to CommitAttempt objects.
self.commit_attempts = {}
# A list of Commit objects.
self.commits = []
# A list of Revert objects.
self.reverts = []
# Boolean, None for undetermined.
self.closed = None
# List of emails to cc = []
# List of reviewers' emails
self.reviewers = []
# If CL owner has turned off auto-revert.
self.auto_revert_off = False
self.subject = None
self.description = None
# The value will be set if this CL is a revert of another CL.
# The value is numeric change id (_number) of the original CL.
self.revert_of = None
# A map of revision to PatchSet objects.
self.patchsets = {}
def AddCqAttempt(self, patchset_id, committer, timestamp):
if patchset_id not in self.commit_attempts.keys():
self.commit_attempts[patchset_id] = CommitAttempt(patchset_id, committer,
commit_attempt = self.commit_attempts[patchset_id]
if timestamp > commit_attempt.last_cq_timestamp:
commit_attempt.last_cq_timestamp = timestamp
commit_attempt.committing_user_email = committer
def serialize(self):
return {
'commits': [x.serialize() for x in self.commits],
'commit_attempts': [
x.serialize() for x in self.commit_attempts.values()
'reverts': [x.serialize() for x in self.reverts],
'patchsets': {k: v.serialize() for k, v in self.patchsets.iteritems()},
def GetPatchsetIdByRevision(self, revision):
commit = self.GetCommitInfoByRevision(revision)
if commit:
return commit.patchset_id
return None
def GetCommitInfoByRevision(self, revision):
for commit in self.commits:
if commit.revision == revision:
return commit
return None
def GetRevertCLsByRevision(self, revision):
patchset_id = self.GetPatchsetIdByRevision(revision)
if not patchset_id:
return None
reverts_for_revision = []
for revert in self.reverts:
if revert.patchset_id == patchset_id:
return reverts_for_revision