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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import json
import logging
import re
import urllib
from common.findit_http_client import FinditHttpClient
from infra_api_clients.codereview import cl_info
from infra_api_clients.codereview import codereview
from libs import time_util
class Gerrit(codereview.CodeReview):
"""Stub for implementing Gerrit support."""
HTTP_CLIENT = FinditHttpClient(follow_redirects=False)
def __init__(self, host, settings=None):
super(Gerrit, self).__init__(host)
settings = settings or {}
self.commit_bot_emails = settings.get('commit_bot_emails',
def _HandleResponse(self, status_code, content, _response_headers):
if status_code != 200:
if status_code == 409:
# Submit rule failed. Content should tell which rule failed like:
# Change 677630: needs Code-Review
logging.error('Committing revert failed: %s', content)
return None
# Remove XSSI magic prefix
if content.startswith(')]}\''):
content = content[4:]
return json.loads(content)
def _AuthenticatedRequest(self,
# Prepend /a/ to make the request authenticated.
if path_parts[0] != 'a':
path_parts = ['a'] + list(path_parts)
path_parts = [urllib.quote(p, safe='~') for p in path_parts]
url = 'https://%s/%s' % (self._server_hostname, '/'.join(path_parts))
headers = headers or {}
# This header tells gerrit to send compact (non-pretty) JSON which is
# more efficient and encouraged for automated tools.
headers['Accept'] = 'application/json'
if method == 'GET':
return self.HTTP_CLIENT.Get(url, params=payload, headers=headers)
elif method == 'POST':
return self.HTTP_CLIENT.Post(url, data=payload, headers=headers)
raise NotImplementedError() # pragma: no cover
def _GetBugLine(self, description, bug_id=None):
bug_line_pattern = re.compile('^\s*((BUGS?|ISSUE)\s*[=:]\s*.*)$',
for line in reversed(description.splitlines()):
if bug_line_pattern.match(line):
if bug_id is not None:
return line.strip() + ', {}\n'.format(bug_id)
return line.strip() + '\n'
# Nothing was found, return the bug_id if it was specified else an empty
# string.
if bug_id is not None:
return 'Bug: {}\n'.format(bug_id)
return ''
def _GetCQTryBotLine(self, description):
cq_trybot_line_pattern = re.compile(
'^\s*(CQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=.*|Cq-Include-Trybots:.*)$', re.IGNORECASE)
for line in reversed(description.splitlines()):
if cq_trybot_line_pattern.match(line):
return line.strip() + '\n'
return ''
def _GetRevisedCLDescription(self, description):
"""Adds '> ' in front of the original cl description."""
return ''.join(['> ' + l for l in description.splitlines(True)])
def _GetCQFlagsOrExplanation(self, commit_timestamp):
delta = time_util.GetUTCNow() - commit_timestamp
if delta.days > 1:
return (
'# Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.\n\n'
return 'No-Presubmit: true\nNo-Tree-Checks: true\nNo-Try: true\n'
def _GenerateRevertCLDescription(self, change_id, revert_reason, bug_id=None):
original_cl_info = self.GetClDetails(change_id)
original_cl_subject = original_cl_info.subject
original_cl_change_id = original_cl_info.change_id
original_cl_description = original_cl_info.description
original_cl_commit_revision = original_cl_info.commits[0].revision
original_cl_commit_timestamp = original_cl_info.commits[0].timestamp
revert_cl_description = (
'Revert "%s"\n\n' % (original_cl_subject
if original_cl_subject else original_cl_change_id))
revert_cl_description += 'This reverts commit %s.\n\n' % (
revert_cl_description += 'Reason for revert:\n%s\n\n' % revert_reason
revert_cl_description += 'Original change\'s description:\n%s\n\n' % (
revert_cl_description += self._GetCQFlagsOrExplanation(
# Add the bug id from the culprit change, and append a custom bug id if
# it is provided.
revert_cl_description += self._GetBugLine(
original_cl_description, bug_id=bug_id)
revert_cl_description += self._GetCQTryBotLine(original_cl_description)
# Strips the break lines at the end of description to make sure no empty
# lines between footers in this generated description and added footers by
# git cl.
revert_cl_description = revert_cl_description.rstrip()
return revert_cl_description
def _Get(self, path_parts, params=None, headers=None):
"""Makes a simple get to Gerrit's API and parses the json output."""
return self._HandleResponse(*self._AuthenticatedRequest(
path_parts, payload=params, headers=headers))
def _Post(self, path_parts, body=None, headers=None):
headers = headers or {}
if body: # pragma: no branch
headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/json'
body = json.dumps(body)
return self._HandleResponse(*self._AuthenticatedRequest(
path_parts, payload=body, method='POST', headers=headers))
def GetCodeReviewUrl(self, change_id):
return 'https://%s/q/%s' % (self._server_hostname, change_id)
def _SetReview(self,
parts = ['changes', change_id, 'revisions', 'current', 'review']
body = {'message': message}
if reviewers:
body['reviewers'] = reviewers
if not should_email:
body['notify'] = 'NONE'
if omit_duplicates:
body['omit_duplicate_comments'] = True
result = self._Post(parts, body=body)
return result
def PostMessage(self,
result = self._SetReview(
change_id, message, should_email, omit_duplicates=omit_duplicates)
return result is not None # A successful post will return an empty dict.
def CreateRevert(self,
"""Create a revert using Gerrit's Revert Change api.
A dict containing the response of the Revert Change api, described by:
parts = ['changes', change_id, 'revert']
revert_cl_description = self._GenerateRevertCLDescription(
change_id, reason, bug_id=bug_id)
body = {'message': revert_cl_description}
reverting_change = self._Post(parts, body=body)
if not reverting_change or 'change_id' not in reverting_change:
return None
if not self.SetBotCommitLabel(reverting_change['change_id']):
return None
return reverting_change
def SetBotCommitLabel(self, change_id):
"""Add Bot-Commit + 1 label to a change_id.
A dict containing the response of the Set-Review api, described by:
parts = ['changes', change_id, 'revisions', 'current', 'review']
body = {'labels': {'Bot-Commit': 1}}
return self._Post(parts, body=body)
def SubmitRevert(self, change_id):"Submitting revert for %s", change_id)
# TODO ( Re-enable auto revert
# Disable auto revert submission as it poses security risks
return False
def AddReviewers(self, change_id, reviewers, message=None):
new_reviewers = []
for reviewer in reviewers:
# reviewer must be an email string.
if len(reviewer.split('@')) != 2:
logging.error('Reviewer\'s email is in wrong format: %s', reviewer)
new_reviewers.append({'reviewer': reviewer})
if not new_reviewers:
# No new reviewers need to be added.
return True
response = self._SetReview(change_id, message, reviewers=new_reviewers)
# The corresponding result of adding each reviewer will be returned in
# a map of inputs to AddReviewerResults as below:
# {
# 'reviewers': {
# '': {
# 'input': '',
# 'reviewers': [
# {
# '_account_id': 1000097,
# 'name': 'Jane Roe',
# 'email': '',
# 'approvals': {
# 'Verified': ' 0',
# 'Code-Review': ' 0'
# },
# },
# ]
# },
# '': {
# 'input': '',
# 'reviewers': [] # This reviewer has been added before.
# }
# }
# }
if not response or not response.get('reviewers'):
logging.error('Failed to add reviewers and post message to cl %s.',
return False
return True
def QueryCls(self, query_params, query_options=None):
"""Queries changes by provided parameters.
query_params(dict): query parameters.
query_options (list): A list of query_options that need to be
included in response.
A list of ClInfo objects.
if not query_params:
logging.error('Empty query parameters')
return []
query = ' '.join(['%s:"%s"' % (k, v) for k, v in query_params.iteritems()])
params = [('q', query)]
# Parameters to include additional fields in response.
# See # pylint:disable=line-too-long
query_options = query_options or ['CURRENT_REVISION', 'CURRENT_COMMIT']
params.extend([('o', field) for field in query_options])
# The query url should look like:
# https://host/a/changes/?q=k1:v1+k2:v2&o=ALL_REVISIONS&o=ALL_COMMITS
changes_info = self._Get(['changes', ''], params=params)
return [
change_info.get('change_id') or change_info.get('_number'))
for change_info in changes_info
def GetClDetails(self,
assert project, 'project name is required'
assert branch, 'branch name is required'
query_options = query_options or ['CURRENT_REVISION', 'CURRENT_COMMIT']
params = [('o', field) for field in query_options]
# Uses full_change_id or the legacy numeric ID of the change.
full_change_id = change_id if change_id.isdigit() else (
'%s~%s~%s' % (project, branch, change_id))
change_info = self._Get(
['changes', full_change_id, 'detail'], params=params)
return self._ParseClInfo(change_info, change_id)
def _ParseClInfo(self, change_info, change_id):
if not change_info: # pragma: no cover
return None
result = cl_info.ClInfo(self._server_hostname, change_id)
result.reviewers = [
for x in change_info.get('reviewers', {}).get('REVIEWER', [])
] = [
x['email'] for x in change_info.get('reviewers', {}).get('CC', [])
result.closed = change_info['status'] == 'MERGED'
result.owner_email = change_info['owner'].get('email')
result.subject = change_info['subject']
result.revert_of = change_info.get('revert_of')
# If the status is merged, look at the commit details for the current
# commit.
if result.closed: # pragma: no branch
current_revision = change_info['current_revision']
revision_info = change_info['revisions'][current_revision]
patchset_id = revision_info['_number']
commit_timestamp = time_util.DatetimeFromString(change_info['submitted'])
revision_commit = revision_info['commit']
parent_revisions = [c['commit'] for c in revision_commit['parents']
] if revision_commit else []
cl_info.Commit(patchset_id, current_revision, parent_revisions,
# Detect manual commits.
committer = revision_commit['committer']['email']
if committer not in self.commit_bot_emails:
result.AddCqAttempt(patchset_id, committer, commit_timestamp)
result.description = revision_commit['message']
# Checks for if the culprit owner has turned off auto revert.
result.auto_revert_off = codereview.IsAutoRevertOff(result.description)
# Saves information for each patch set.
for revision, revision_info in change_info['revisions'].iteritems():
patchset_id = revision_info['_number']
commit_info = revision_info.get('commit') or {}
parent_revisions = [c['commit'] for c in commit_info['parents']
] if commit_info else []
result.patchsets[revision] = cl_info.PatchSet(patchset_id, revision,
# In messages look for "Patch Set 1: Commit-Queue+2"
# or "Patch Set 4: Code-Review+1 Commit-Queue+2".
cq_pattern = re.compile('^Patch Set \d+:( Code-Review..)? Commit-Queue\+2$')
revert_tag = 'autogenerated:gerrit:revert'
revert_pattern = re.compile(
'Created a revert of this change as (?P<change_id>I[a-f\d]{40})')
for message in change_info.get('messages', []):
if cq_pattern.match(message['message'].splitlines()[0]):
patchset_id = message['_revision_number']
author = message['author']['email']
timestamp = time_util.DatetimeFromString(message['date'])
result.AddCqAttempt(patchset_id, author, timestamp)
if message.get('tag') == revert_tag:
patchset_id = message['_revision_number']
author = message['author']['email']
timestamp = time_util.DatetimeFromString(message['date'])
reverting_change_id = revert_pattern.match(
reverting_cl = self.GetClDetails(reverting_change_id)
cl_info.Revert(patchset_id, reverting_cl, author, timestamp))
return result