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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Utilities for interacting with LUCI's LogDog service."""
import base64
import cStringIO
import logging
import json
import os
import sys
import time
from common import rpc_util
import google
# protobuf and GAE have package name conflict on 'google'.
# Add this to solve the conflict.
third_party = os.path.join(
os.path.dirname(__file__), os.path.pardir, 'third_party')
sys.path.insert(0, third_party)
google.__path__.insert(0, os.path.join(third_party, 'google'))
from logdog import annotations_pb2
_LOGDOG_ENDPOINT = 'https://%s/prpc/logdog.Logs'
def _ProcessStringForLogDog(base_string):
"""Processes base string and replaces all special characters to '_'.
Special characters are non alphanumeric nor ':_-.'.
new_string_list = []
for c in base_string:
if not c.isalnum() and not c in ':_-.':
return ''.join(new_string_list)
def _GetRawLogsFromGetEndpoint(host, data, http_client, retry_delay=5):
"""Gets raw logs from Get endpoint.
The raw logs can be further processed to get annotations or a specific log.
For logs of annotations, it should look like:
'datagram': {
'data': (base64 encoded data)
For an actual log, it should look like:
'text': {
'lines': [
'value': 'line'
tries = 0
error_message = ''
# It seems possible to get empty log or log with wrong format.
# So also retry for several times even on 200s if the log cannot be used.
while tries < 5:
# Retry 7 times to allow for logdog's up to 180 second propagation delay.
# Exponential backoff starts at 1.5 seconds, reaches 96 seconds for the 7th
# retry, for an accumulated total of 190.5 seconds of waiting time.
# Should be enough for our purposes.
_, response_json = rpc_util.DownloadJsonData(
_LOGDOG_GET_ENDPOINT % host, data, http_client, max_retries=7)
if response_json is None:
# If response is None, it means after 7 retries, Findit still failed to
# get response. Seems no need to keep retrying at this case.
error_message = 'cannot get json log.'
logs = json.loads(response_json).get('logs')
if not logs or not isinstance(logs, list):
error_message = 'Wrong format - %s' % response_json
return logs
except ValueError as e:
# For unknown reason sometimes the response_json is truncated and cannot
# be json loaded.
# This will also help to catch if the response_json is not serializable.
error_message = 'Failed to load json - %s' % e.message
tries += 1
time.sleep(tries * retry_delay)
# Only logs error when the log was failed to get at last.
logging.error('Error when fetch log or annotations: %s' % error_message)
return None
def _GetAnnotationsProtoForPath(host, project, path, http_client):
"""Gets annotations from logdog endpoint(s).
By default sends request to Tail endpoint for annotations, if only gets a
partial results, use Get endpoint instead.
base_error_log = 'Error when load annotations protobuf: %s'
data = {'project': project, 'path': path}
_, response_json = rpc_util.DownloadJsonData(
_LOGDOG_TAIL_ENDPOINT % host, data, http_client, max_retries=7)
if not response_json:
return None
# Gets data for proto. Data format as below:
# {
# 'logs': [
# {
# 'datagram': {
# 'data': (base64 encoded data)
# }
# }
# ]
# }
logs = json.loads(response_json).get('logs')
if not logs or not isinstance(logs, list):
logging.error(base_error_log % 'Wrong format - "logs"')
return None
partial = logs[-1].get('datagram', {}).get('partial')
if partial:
# Only gets partial result from Tail, use Get instead to get annotations.
index = int(logs[-1]['streamIndex'])
partial_index = partial['index']
data = {'project': project, 'path': path, 'index': index - partial_index}
logs = _GetRawLogsFromGetEndpoint(host, data, http_client)
annotations = ''
if not logs:
logging.error(base_error_log % 'Wrong format - "logs"')
return None
sio = cStringIO.StringIO()
for log in logs:
annotations_b64 = log.get('datagram', {}).get('data')
if not annotations_b64:
logging.error(base_error_log % 'Wrong format - "data"')
return None
annotations = sio.getvalue()
# Gets proto.
step = annotations_pb2.Step()
return step
except Exception:
logging.error(base_error_log % 'could not get annotations.')
return None
def _GetStreamForStep(step_name, data, log_name='stdout'):
for substep in data.substep:
if != step_name:
if log_name.lower() == 'stdout':
# Gets stdout_stream.
# Gets stream for step_metadata.
for link in substep.step.other_links:
if link.label.lower() == log_name:
return None
def _GetQueryParametersForAnnotation(log_location):
"""Gets the path to the logdog annotations.
log_location (str): The log location for the build.
The (host, project, path) triad that identifies the location of the
annotations proto.
host = project = path = None
if log_location:
# logdog://
_logdog, _, host, project, path = log_location.split('/', 4)
return host, project, path
def GetLogFromViewUrl(base_log, http_client):
"""Gets a log from it's view url.
base_log(str): View url in the format
like https://{host}/logs/{project}/{path}
http_client (FinditHttpClient): http_client to make the request.
log (str or None): Requested log.
log_url = '{base_log}?format=raw'.format(base_log=base_log)
status_code, log, _ = http_client.Get(log_url)
if status_code != 200 or not log:
logging.error('Failed to get the log from %s: status_code-%d, log-%s',
log_url, status_code, log)
return None
return log
def _GetLog(annotations, step_name, log_name, http_client):
if not annotations:
return None
stream = _GetStreamForStep(step_name, annotations, log_name)
if not stream:
return None
env = annotations.command.environ
project = env['LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT']
prefix = env['LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX']
if not all([host, project, prefix]):
return None
path = '%s/+/%s' % (prefix, stream)
base_url = 'https://{host}/logs/{project}/{path}'.format(
host=host, project=project, path=path)
return GetLogFromViewUrl(base_url, http_client)
# TODO(crbug/902137): Remove this after all builders are migrated to LUCI.
def GetStepLogLegacy(log_location, step_name, log_name, http_client):
host, project, path = _GetQueryParametersForAnnotation(log_location)
if not host:
logging.error('Failed to get log_location info for logdog stream.')
return None
annotations = _GetAnnotationsProtoForPath(host, project, path, http_client)
return _GetLog(annotations, step_name, log_name, http_client)