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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Client library to interact with swarming API."""
import json
import urllib
from common.findit_http_client import FinditHttpClient
from infra_api_clients import http_client_util
from infra_api_clients.swarming.swarming_bot_counts import SwarmingBotCounts
from infra_api_clients.swarming.swarming_task_data import SwarmingTaskData
from infra_api_clients.swarming.swarming_task_request import SwarmingTaskRequest
# Swarming URL templates.
_BOT_COUNT_URL = 'https://%s/_ah/api/swarming/v1/bots/count%s'
_NEW_TASK_URL = 'https://%s/_ah/api/swarming/v1/tasks/new'
_TASK_ID_URL = 'https://%s/_ah/api/swarming/v1/task/%s/request'
_LIST_TASK_URL = 'https://%s/_ah/api/swarming/v1/tasks/list%s'
_TASK_RESULT_URL = 'https://%s/_ah/api/swarming/v1/task/%s/result'
_FINDIT_HTTP_CLIENT = FinditHttpClient()
def GetSwarmingTaskRequest(host, task_id, http_client):
"""Returns request data of the given task."""
url = _TASK_ID_URL % (host, task_id)
content, error = http_client_util.SendRequestToServer(url, http_client)
if not error:
json_data = json.loads(content)
return SwarmingTaskRequest.FromSerializable(json_data)
return None
def TriggerSwarmingTask(host, request, http_client):
"""Triggers a new Swarming task for the given request.
request (SwarmingTaskRequest): A Swarming task request.
http_client (FinditHttpClient): An http client with automatic retry.
response_data, error = http_client_util.SendRequestToServer(
_NEW_TASK_URL % host, http_client, post_data=request.ToSerializable())
if not error:
return json.loads(response_data)['task_id'], None
return None, error
def GetSwarmingTaskResultById(host, task_id, http_client):
"""Gets swarming result, checks state and returns outputs ref if needed."""
base_url = _TASK_RESULT_URL % (host, task_id)
json_data = {}
data, error = http_client_util.SendRequestToServer(base_url, http_client)
if not error:
json_data = json.loads(data)
return json_data, error
def GetInvocationNameForSwarmingTask(host,
"""Gets ResultDB invocation name given swarming task_id"""
json_data, error = GetSwarmingTaskResultById(host, task_id, http_client)
if not error:
return json_data.get('resultdb_info', {}).get('invocation')
return None
# TODO(crbug/820264): Move the logic to
def ParametersToQueryString(parameters, field):
if isinstance(parameters, dict):
parameters_list = [
urllib.quote('%s:%s' % (k, v)) for k, v in parameters.iteritems()
parameters_list = parameters
query_string = ('&%s=' % field).join(parameters_list)
# Url looks like '
# /count?dimensions=os:Windows-7-SP1&dimensions=cpu:x86-64'
return '?%s=%s' % (field, query_string)
def GetBotCounts(host, dimensions, http_client):
"""Gets number of swarming bots for certain dimensions.
dimensions (dict): A dict of dimensions.
http_client (HttpClient): The httpclient object with which to make the
server calls.
bot_counts(SwarmingBotCounts): Numbers of swarming bots in different states.
url = _BOT_COUNT_URL % (host, ParametersToQueryString(dimensions,
content, error = http_client_util.SendRequestToServer(url, http_client)
if error or not content:
return None
return SwarmingBotCounts(json.loads(content))
def GenerateIsolatedData(outputs_ref):
if not outputs_ref:
return {}
return {
'digest': outputs_ref['isolated'],
'namespace': outputs_ref['namespace'],
'isolatedserver': outputs_ref['isolatedserver']
def ListTasks(host, tags, http_client):
"""List tasks based on tags.
tags (dict): A dict of tags.
http_client (HttpClient): The httpclient object with which to make the
server calls.
items (list): A list of SwarmingTaskData for all tasks with queried tags.
base_url = _LIST_TASK_URL % (host, ParametersToQueryString(tags, 'tags'))
items_json = []
cursor = None
while True:
if not cursor:
url = base_url
url = base_url + '&cursor=%s' % urllib.quote(cursor)
new_data, _ = http_client_util.SendRequestToServer(url, http_client)
if not new_data:
new_data_json = json.loads(new_data)
if new_data_json.get('items'):
if new_data_json.get('cursor'):
cursor = new_data_json['cursor']
return [SwarmingTaskData(item) for item in items_json]
def GetTagValue(tags, tag_name):
"""Returns the content for a specific tag."""
tag_prefix = tag_name + ':'
content = None
for tag in tags:
if tag.startswith(tag_prefix):
content = tag[len(tag_prefix):]
return content