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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This module is for webkit-layout-tests-related operations."""
import re
from libs import test_name_util
from libs.test_results.base_test_results import BaseTestResults
from libs.test_results.classified_test_results import ClassifiedTestResults
# PASS - The test ran as expected.
# specific. Considers all *BASELINE results non-failures.
# FAIL - The test did not run as expected.
# CRASH - The test runner crashed during the test.
# TIMEOUT - The test hung (did not complete) and was aborted.
# MISSING - Layout test specific. The test completed but we could not
# find an expected baseline to compare against.
# LEAK - Layout test specific. Memory leaks were detected during the
# test execution.
# TEXT, AUDIO, IMAGE, IMAGE+TEXT - Layout test specific, deprecated.
# The test is expected to produce a failure for only some parts.
# Normally you will see "FAIL" instead.
# SKIP - The test was not run.
# These statuses should not appear in actual results, rather they should only
# appear in expects.
_BASE_FILE_PATH = 'third_party/blink/web_tests'
_VIRTUAL_TEST_NAME_PATTERN = re.compile(r'^virtual/[^/]+/(.*)$')
class BlinkWebTestResults(BaseTestResults):
def __init__(self, raw_test_results_json, partial_result=False):
super(BlinkWebTestResults, self).__init__(raw_test_results_json,
self.test_results_json = BlinkWebTestResults.FlattenTestResults(
def DoesTestExist(self, test_name):
"""Checks if can find the test name in test_results if result is valid.
True if test_results_json is valid and the test exists in
test_results_json, False otherwise.
return bool(
self.test_results_json and
(self.test_results_json.get('tests') or {}).get(test_name))
def contains_all_tests(self):
True if the test result is merged results for all shards; False if it's a
partial result.
return not self.partial_result
def IsTestEnabled(self, test_name):
"""Returns True if the test is enabled, False otherwise.
A test can be skipped by setting the expected result to SKIP or WONTFIX.
But the actual result for a skipped test will only be SKIP but not WONTFIX.
if not self.DoesTestExist(test_name):
return False
test_result = self.test_results_json['tests'][test_name]
return not any(s in test_result['expected'] for s in SKIPPING_STATUSES)
def GetFailedTestsInformation(self):
"""Parses the json data to get all reliable failures' information.
Currently this method will only get:
- failed tests in a test step on waterfall from output.json, not include
flakes (tests that eventually passed during retry).
TODO(crbug/836994): parse other test results to get failed tests info.
failed_test_log: Logs for failed tests, currently empty string.
reliable_failed_tests: reliable failed tests, and the base name for each
test - For blink_web_tests base name should be the same as test name.
if not self.test_results_json or not self.test_results_json.get('tests'):
return {}, {}
failed_test_log = {}
reliable_failed_tests = {}
for test_name, test_result in self.test_results_json['tests'].iteritems():
if test_result.get('actual'): # pragma: no branch.
actuals = test_result['actual'].split(' ')
expects = test_result['expected'].split(' ')
if all(
result in FAILING_STATUSES and
not self.ResultWasExpected(result, expects)
for result in set(actuals)): # pragma: no branch.
# A relibale failure is found when all test results are failing
# statuses.
# For the case where test failed with different statuses, we still
# treat it as a reliable failure to be consistent with other tools.
reliable_failed_tests[test_name] = test_name
failed_test_log[test_name] = ''
return failed_test_log, reliable_failed_tests
def IsTestResultUseful(self):
"""Checks if the log contains useful information."""
return bool(
self.test_results_json and
self.test_results_json.get('num_failures_by_type') and
self.test_results_json.get('tests') and all(
isinstance(i, dict) and i.get('actual') and i.get('expected')
for i in self.test_results_json['tests'].itervalues()))
def GetTestLocation(self, test_name):
"""Gets test location for a specific test.
Test file path is constructed from test_name based on some heuristic rule:
1. For test_name in the format like 'virtual/a/bb/ccc.html', file path
should be: 'third_party/blink/web_tests/bb/ccc.html'
2. For other test names, file path should like
'third_party/blink/web_tests/%s' % test_name
# TODO(crbug/806002): Handle below cases.
There are other cases which has NOT been covered:
1. Baseline files: for example, for a test a/bb/ccc.html, it's
possible to find a file like
'third_party/blink/web_tests/a/bb/ccc_expected.txt'. Such files should
also be considered to add to test locations, but not covered right now.
2. Derived tests: for example, for a file named external/wpt/foo.any.js,
there will be two tests generated from it, external/wpt/foo.window.html
and external/wpt/foo.worker.html.
There will be no line number info for blink_web_tests because typically
a file is a test.
Note: Since the test location is gotten from heuristic, it will not be as
reliable as gtest (which is from test results log): file might not exist.
(dict, str): A dict containing test location info and error string if any.
if not self.DoesTestExist(test_name):
return None, 'test_location not found for %s.' % test_name
test_name = test_name_util.RemoveSuffixFromBlinkWebTestName(
return {
'line': None,
'file': '%s/%s' % (_BASE_FILE_PATH, test_name),
}, None
def GetClassifiedTestResults(self):
"""Parses blink_web_tests results, counts and classifies test results by:
* status_group: passes/failures/skips/unknowns,
* status: actual result status.
Also counts number of expected and unexpected results for each test:
if the status is included in expects or can be considered as expected, it
is expected; otherwise it's unexpected.
(ClassifiedTestResults) An object with information for each test:
* total_run: total number of runs,
* num_expected_results: total number of runs with expected results,
* num_unexpected_results: total number of runs with unexpected results,
* results: classified test results in 4 groups: passes, failures, skips
and unknowns. There's another 'notruns' group for gtests, but not
meaningful for blink_web_tests, so it will always be empty here.
if not self.IsTestResultUseful():
return {}
test_results = ClassifiedTestResults()
for test_name, test_result in self.test_results_json['tests'].iteritems():
actuals = test_result['actual'].split(' ')
expects = test_result['expected'].split(' ')
test_results[test_name].total_run = len(actuals)
for actual in actuals:
if self.ResultWasExpected(actual, expects):
test_results[test_name].num_expected_results += 1
test_results[test_name].num_unexpected_results += 1
if actual in PASSING_STATUSES:
test_results[test_name].results.passes[actual] += 1
elif actual in FAILING_STATUSES:
test_results[test_name].results.failures[actual] += 1
elif actual in SKIPPING_STATUSES:
test_results[test_name].results.skips[actual] += 1
test_results[test_name].results.unknowns[actual] += 1
return test_results
def IsTestResultsInExpectedFormat(test_results_json):
"""Checks if the log can be parsed by this parser.
test_results_json (dict): It should be in one of below formats:
"tests": {
"mojom_tests": {
"parse": {
"ast_unittest": {
"ASTTest": {
"testNodeBase": {
"expected": "PASS",
"actual": "PASS",
"artifacts": {
"screenshot": ["screenshots/page.png"],
"interrupted": false,
"path_delimiter": ".",
"version": 3,
"seconds_since_epoch": 1406662283.764424,
"num_failures_by_type": {
"FAIL": 0,
"PASS": 1
"artifact_types": {
"screenshot": "image/png"
"tests": {
"mojom_tests/parse/ast_unittest/ASTTest/testNodeBase": {
"expected": "PASS",
"actual": "PASS",
"artifacts": {
"screenshot": ["screenshots/page.png"],
"interrupted": false,
"path_delimiter": ".",
"version": 3,
"seconds_since_epoch": 1406662283.764424,
"num_failures_by_type": {
"FAIL": 0,
"PASS": 1
"artifact_types": {
"screenshot": "image/png"
if (not isinstance(test_results_json, dict) or
not isinstance(test_results_json.get('tests'), dict)):
return False
flattened = BlinkWebTestResults.FlattenTestResults(test_results_json)
return all(
isinstance(i, dict) and i.get('actual') and i.get('expected')
for i in flattened['tests'].itervalues())
def _GetPathDelimiter(test_results_json):
"""Gets path delimiter, default to '/'."""
return test_results_json.get('path_delimiter') or '/'
def FlattenTestResults(test_results_json):
"""Flatten test_results_json['tests'] from a trie to a one level dict
and generate new format test_results_json."""
if not test_results_json or not test_results_json.get('tests'):
return test_results_json
sample_key = test_results_json['tests'].keys()[0]
path_delimiter = BlinkWebTestResults._GetPathDelimiter(
if path_delimiter in sample_key:
# This should not happen in raw data, assuming the test results log is
# already flattened.
return test_results_json
# Checks if the sub_test_results_json is a leaf node.
# Checks if can find actual and expected keys in dict since they are
# required fields in per-test results.
def is_a_leaf(sub_test_results_json):
return (sub_test_results_json.get('actual') and
flattened = {}
def flatten(tests, parent_key=''):
for k, v in tests.items():
new_key = parent_key + path_delimiter + k if parent_key else k
if isinstance(v, dict):
if not is_a_leaf(v):
flatten(v, new_key)
flattened[new_key] = v
new_results = {}
for k, v in test_results_json.iteritems():
if k == 'tests':
new_results[k] = flattened
new_results[k] = v
return new_results
def GetMergedTestResults(shard_results):
"""Merges the shards into one and returns the flatten version.
shard_results (list): A list of dicts with individual shard results.
A dict with
- all tests in shards
- constants across all shards
- accumulated values for some keys
if len(shard_results) == 1:
return BlinkWebTestResults.FlattenTestResults(shard_results[0])
def MergeAddable(key, merged_value, shard_value):
if (merged_value and not isinstance(merged_value, type(shard_value))):
raise Exception('Different value types for key %s when merging '
'json test results.' % key)
if isinstance(shard_value, int):
merged_value = shard_value + (merged_value or 0)
elif isinstance(shard_value, dict):
merged_value = merged_value or {}
for sub_key, sub_value in shard_value.iteritems():
merged_value[sub_key] = MergeAddable(
sub_key, merged_value.get(sub_key), sub_value)
raise Exception('Value for key %s is not addable.' % key)
return merged_value
merged_results = {}
def MergeShards(shard_result):
matching = [
'builder_name', 'build_number', 'chromium_revision', 'path_delimiter'
addable = [
'fixable', 'num_flaky', 'num_passes', 'num_regressions', 'skipped',
'skips', 'num_failures_by_type'
for key, value in shard_result.iteritems():
if key == 'interrupted':
# If any shard is interrupted, mark the whole thing as interrupted.
merged_results[key] = value or merged_results.get(key, False)
elif key in matching:
# These keys are constants which should be the same across all shards.
if key in merged_results and merged_results[key] != value:
raise Exception('Different values for key %s when merging '
'json test results: %s vs %s.' %
(key, merged_results.get(key), value))
merged_results[key] = value
elif key in addable:
# These keys are accumulated sums we want to add together.
merged_results[key] = MergeAddable(key, merged_results.get(key),
elif key == 'tests':
merged_results[key] = merged_results.get(key) or {}
for shard_result in shard_results:
return merged_results
def ResultWasExpected(result, expected_results):
# pylint: disable=line-too-long
"""Returns whether the result can be treated as an expected result.
result: actual result of a test execution
expected_results: list of results listed in test_expectations
if not set(expected_results) - set(NON_TEST_OUTCOME_EXPECTATIONS):
expected_results = set(['PASS'])
if result in expected_results:
return True
if result in ('PASS', 'TEXT', 'IMAGE', 'IMAGE+TEXT', 'AUDIO',
'MISSING') and 'NEEDSMANUALREBASELINE' in expected_results:
return True
if result in ('TEXT', 'IMAGE', 'IMAGE+TEXT',
'AUDIO') and 'FAIL' in expected_results:
return True
if result == 'MISSING' and 'REBASELINE' in expected_results:
return True
if result == 'SKIP':
return True
return False