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These are instructions to build the infra/adb/linux-amd64 cipd package, which is simply the adb binary packaged up.

Choose a build directory. We'll use the enviornment variable $ROOT to represent it.

$ cd $ROOT

Grab the platform tools zip from the android SDK. Note that this URL points to the latest version.

$ curl -o
$ unzip && rm

Move the binary out of the zip and clear everything else out.

$ mv platform_tools/adb .
$ rm -rf platform_tools/

Now $ROOT should contain only the adb binary. Grab its version num.

$ ./adb version

Should be something like “1.0.36”. Now create the CIPD package and deploy it to the CIPD server. Tag it with the adb version:

$ cipd create \
    -name infra/adb/linux-amd64 \
    -in $ROOT \
    -tag "adb_version:<adb_version>"