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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Implements export of builds from datastore to BigQuery."""
import datetime
import json
import logging
from google.appengine.api import app_identity
from google.appengine.api import taskqueue
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
import webapp2
from components import decorators
from components import net
from components import utils
import bqh
import annotations
import model
import v2
# Mocked in tests.
def enqueue_pull_task_async(queue, payload): # pragma: no cover
task = taskqueue.Task(payload=payload, method='PULL')
# Cannot just return add_async's return value because it is
# a non-Future object and does not play nice with `yield fut1, fut2` construct
yield task.add_async(queue_name=queue, transactional=True)
def enqueue_bq_export_async(build): # pragma: no cover
"""Enqueues a pull task to export a completed build to BigQuery."""
assert ndb.in_transaction()
assert build
assert build.status == model.BuildStatus.COMPLETED
yield enqueue_pull_task_async(
'bq-export-experimental' if build.experimental else 'bq-export-prod',
class CronExportBuilds(webapp2.RequestHandler): # pragma: no cover
"""Exports builds to a BigQuery table."""
queue_name = None
dataset = None
def get(self):
assert self.queue_name
assert self.dataset
_process_pull_task_batch(self.queue_name, self.dataset)
class CronExportBuildsProd(CronExportBuilds):
queue_name = 'bq-export-prod'
dataset = 'builds'
class CronExportBuildsExperimental(CronExportBuilds):
queue_name = 'bq-export-experimental'
dataset = 'builds_experimental'
def _process_pull_task_batch(queue_name, dataset):
"""Exports up to 500 builds to BigQuery.
Leases pull tasks, fetches build entities, tries to convert them to v2 format
and insert into BigQuery in v2 format.
If v2 conversion raises any other exception, including
v2.MalformedBuild, logs the exception and does not remove the task from
the queue. Such a task will be retried later.
If v2 conversion indicates that the build is not finalized and it has been
20m or more since the build was completed, the following strategies apply:
- if the build infra-failed with BOT_DIED or TIMED_OUT task status,
saves build as is.
- if the build infra-failed with BOOTSTRAPPER_ERROR and there are no steps,
assumes the build failed to register LogDog prefix and saves it as is.
- otherwise logs a warning/error, does not save to BigQuery and retries the
task later.
now = utils.utcnow()
# Lease tasks.
lease_duration = datetime.timedelta(minutes=5)
lease_deadline = now + lease_duration
q = taskqueue.Queue(queue_name)
# says "We recommend using about 500 rows per request".
tasks = q.lease_tasks(lease_duration.total_seconds(), 500)
if not tasks:
build_ids = [json.loads(t.payload)['id'] for t in tasks]
# IDs of builds that we could not save and want to retry later.
ids_to_retry = set()
# Fetch builds and steps for the tasks and convert them to v2 format.
build_keys = [ndb.Key(model.Build, bid) for bid in build_ids]
futs = zip(
ndb.get_multi_async(map(model.BuildSteps.key_for, build_keys)),
v2_builds = []
for bid, build_fut, build_steps_fut in futs:
v2_build, retry = _build_to_v2(
bid, build_fut.get_result(), build_steps_fut.get_result()
if retry:
elif v2_build: # pragma: no branch
row_count = 0
if v2_builds:
not_inserted_ids = _export_builds(dataset, v2_builds, lease_deadline)
row_count = len(v2_builds) - len(not_inserted_ids)
if ids_to_retry:
logging.warning('will retry builds %r later', sorted(ids_to_retry))
done_tasks = [
t for bid, t in zip(build_ids, tasks) if bid not in ids_to_retry
'inserted %d rows, processed %d tasks', row_count, len(done_tasks)
def _build_to_v2(bid, build, build_steps):
"""Returns (v2_build, should_retry) tuple.
Logs reasons for returning v2_build=None or retry=True.
if not build:
logging.error('skipping build %d: not found', bid)
return None, False
if build.status != model.BuildStatus.COMPLETED:
logging.error('will retry build: not complete\n%d', bid)
return None, True
build_v2 = v2.build_to_v2(build, build_steps)
for s in build_v2.steps:
s.summary_markdown = ''
return build_v2, False
except Exception:
logging.exception('failed to convert build to v2\nBuild id: %d', bid)
return None, True
def _export_builds(dataset, v2_builds, deadline):
"""Saves v2 builds to BigQuery.
Logs insert errors and returns a list of ids of builds that could not be
table_name = 'completed_BETA' # TODO(nodir): remove beta suffix.
# BigQuery API doc:
#'sending %d rows', len(v2_builds))
res = net.json_request(
) % (app_identity.get_application_id(), dataset, table_name)),
# Do not fail entire request because of one bad build.
# We handle invalid rows below.
'rows': [{
'insertId': str(,
'json': bqh.message_to_dict(b),
} for b in v2_builds],
# deadline parameter here is duration in seconds.
deadline=(deadline - utils.utcnow()).total_seconds(),
failed_ids = []
for err in res.get('insertErrors', []):
b = v2_builds[err['index']]
logging.error('failed to insert row for build %d: %r',, err['errors'])
return failed_ids