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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Utility functions for build tags, colon-delimeted key-value pairs.
Many short functions are annotated with "pragma: no cover" because they are
covered by other modules.
import errors
import re
BUILDER_KEY = 'builder'
BUILD_ADDRESS_KEY = 'build_address'
BUILDSET_KEY = 'buildset'
SWARMING_TAG_KEY = 'swarming_tag'
SWARMING_DIMENSION_KEY = 'swarming_dimension'
# Gitiles commit buildset pattern. Example:
# ('commit/gitiles/'
# 'b7a757f457487cd5cfe2dae83f65c5bc10e288b7')
# Gerrit CL buildset pattern. Example:
# patch/gerrit/
RE_BUILDSET_GERRIT_CL = re.compile(r'^patch/gerrit/([^/]+)/(\d+)/(\d+)$')
def builder_tag(builder): # pragma: no cover
return unparse(BUILDER_KEY, builder)
def build_address_tag(bucket, builder, number): # pragma: no cover
"""Returns a build_address tag."""
return unparse(BUILD_ADDRESS_KEY, build_address(bucket, builder, number))
def parse_build_address(address):
"""Parses a build address into its components. Opposite of build_address()."""
parts = address.split('/', 2)
if len(parts) != 3:
raise ValueError('number of slashes must be exactly 2')
number = int(parts[2])
except ValueError:
raise ValueError('invalid build number "%s"' % parts[2])
return parts[0], parts[1], number
def parse(tag): # pragma: no cover
"""Returns tuple (key, value) from the tag."""
if DELIMITER not in tag:
raise ValueError('tag must have ":"')
return tag.split(DELIMITER, 1)
def unparse(key, value): # pragma: no cover
# """Returns a tag string from a key-value pair."""
return '%s%s%s' % (key, DELIMITER, value)
def build_address(bucket, builder, number): # pragma: no cover
"""Returns value for build_address tag."""
return '%s/%s/%d' % (bucket, builder, number)
def gerrit_change_buildset(host, change, patchset): # pragma: no cover
return 'patch/gerrit/%s/%d/%d' % (host, change, patchset)
def git_commit_buildset(commit_hash): # pragma: no cover
return 'commit/git/' + commit_hash
def validate_tags(tags, mode, builder=None):
"""Validates build tags.
mode must be a string, one of:
'new': tags are for a new build.
'append': tags are to be appended to an existing build.
'search': tags to search by.
builder is the value of "builder_name" parameter. If specified, tags
"builder:<v>" must have v equal to the builder. Relevant only in 'new' mode.
assert mode in ('new', 'append', 'search'), mode
if tags is None:
if not isinstance(tags, list):
raise errors.InvalidInputError('tags must be a list')
seen_builder_tag = None
seen_gitiles_commit = False
for t in tags: # pragma: no branch
if not isinstance(t, basestring):
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'Invalid tag "%s": must be a string' % (t,)
if ':' not in t:
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'Invalid tag "%s": does not contain ":"' % t
if t[0] == ':':
raise errors.InvalidInputError('Invalid tag "%s": starts with ":"' % t)
k, v = t.split(':', 1)
except errors.InvalidInputError as ex:
raise errors.InvalidInputError('Invalid tag "%s": %s' % (t, ex))
if RE_BUILDSET_GITILES_COMMIT.match(v): # pragma: no branch
if seen_gitiles_commit:
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'More than one commits/gitiles buildset'
seen_gitiles_commit = True
if k == BUILDER_KEY:
if mode == 'append':
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'Tag "builder" cannot be added to an existing build'
if mode == 'new': # pragma: no branch
if builder is not None and v != builder:
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'Tag "%s" conflicts with builder_name parameter "%s"' %
(t, builder)
if seen_builder_tag is None:
seen_builder_tag = t
elif t != seen_builder_tag: # pragma: no branch
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'Tag "%s" conflicts with tag "%s"' % (t, seen_builder_tag)
if mode != 'search' and k in RESERVED_KEYS:
raise errors.InvalidInputError('Tag "%s" is reserved' % k)
def validate_buildset(bs):
"""Raises errors.InvalidInputError if the buildset is invalid."""
raise errors.InvalidInputError('too long')
# Verify that a buildset with a known prefix is well formed.
if bs.startswith('commit/gitiles/'):
if not m:
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'does not match regex "%s"' % (RE_BUILDSET_GITILES_COMMIT.pattern)
project =
if project.startswith('a/'):
raise errors.InvalidInputError('gitiles project must not start with "a/"')
if project.endswith('.git'):
raise errors.InvalidInputError('gitiles project must not end with ".git"')
elif bs.startswith('patch/gerrit/'):
if not RE_BUILDSET_GERRIT_CL.match(bs):
raise errors.InvalidInputError(
'does not match regex "%s"' % RE_BUILDSET_GERRIT_CL.pattern