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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import datetime
import re
import string
from components import utils
BUCKET_NAME_REGEX = re.compile(r'^[0-9a-z_\.\-]{1,100}$')
MAX_LEASE_DURATION = datetime.timedelta(hours=2)
BUILDER_NAME_VALID_CHARS = string.ascii_letters + string.digits + '()-_. '
class Error(Exception):
def __init__(self, message=''):
# passing None instead of empty docstring so that
# Exception class applies its own default.
super(Error, self).__init__(message or self.__doc__ or None)
class NotFoundError(Error):
"""Requested resource not found."""
class BuildNotFoundError(NotFoundError):
"""Requested build was not found."""
class BuilderNotFoundError(NotFoundError):
"""Requested builder was not found."""
class BuildIsCompletedError(Error):
"""Build is complete and cannot be changed."""
class InvalidInputError(Error):
"""Raised when service method argument value is invalid."""
class LeaseExpiredError(Error):
"""Raised when provided lease_key does not match the current one."""
class TagIndexIncomplete(Error):
"""Raised when a tag index is permanently incomplete and cannot be used."""
# TODO(nodir): move to Cannot be done because depends on
# which needs this function.
def validate_builder_name(name):
if not name:
raise InvalidInputError('unspecified')
if len(name) > 128:
raise InvalidInputError('length is > 128')
invalid_chars = ''.join(
sorted(set(c for c in name if c not in _BUILDER_NAME_VALID_CHAR_SET))
if invalid_chars:
raise InvalidInputError(
'invalid char(s) %r. Alphabet: "%s"' %
# TODO( move to
def validate_bucket_name(bucket, project_id=None):
"""Raises InvalidInputError if bucket name is invalid."""
if not bucket:
raise InvalidInputError('Bucket not specified')
if (project_id and bucket.startswith('luci.') and
not bucket.startswith('luci.%s.' % project_id)):
raise InvalidInputError(
'Bucket must start with "luci.%s." because it starts with "luci." '
'and is defined in the %s project' % (project_id, project_id)
if not isinstance(bucket, basestring):
raise InvalidInputError(
'Bucket must be a string. It is %s.' % type(bucket).__name__
if not BUCKET_NAME_REGEX.match(bucket):
raise InvalidInputError(
'Bucket name "%s" does not match regular expression %s' %
(bucket, BUCKET_NAME_REGEX.pattern)
def validate_lease_expiration_date(expiration_date):
"""Raises errors.InvalidInputError if |expiration_date| is invalid."""
if expiration_date is None:
if not isinstance(expiration_date, datetime.datetime):
raise InvalidInputError('Lease expiration date must be datetime.datetime')
duration = expiration_date - utils.utcnow()
if duration <= datetime.timedelta(0):
raise InvalidInputError('Lease expiration date cannot be in the past')
if duration > MAX_LEASE_DURATION:
raise InvalidInputError(
'Lease duration cannot exceed %s' % MAX_LEASE_DURATION