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Setting up event monitoring on App Engine.

  1. Symlink gae_ts_mon and gae_event_mon into your appengine app. If you are using timeseries monitoring, you will already have gae_ts_mon symlinked.

    cd infra/appengine/myapp
    ln -s ../../appengine_module/gae_ts_mon .
    ln -s ../../appengine_module/gae_event_mon .
  2. Initialize the library in your request handler.

    import gae_event_mon

    You must do this in every top-level request handler that's listed in your app.yaml to ensure metrics are registered no matter which type of request an instance receives first.

You‘re done! You can now use event_mon exactly as you normally would using the infra_libs.event_mon module. Here’s a quick example:

from infra_libs import event_mon

class MyHandler(webapp2.RequestHandler):
  def get(self):
    count = goat_teleporter.teleport()

    event = event_mon.Event('POINT')
    event.proto.goat_teleported_event.num_goats = count

    self.response.write('Teleported %d goats this time' % count)

Appengine Modules

Multiple Appengine modules are fully supported - the module name will appear as part of the event_source.host_name field in the following format: “module_name, version”.