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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from common.findit_http_client import FinditHttpClient
from gae_libs import token
from gae_libs.gitiles.cached_gitiles_repository import CachedGitilesRepository
from gae_libs.handlers.base_handler import BaseHandler
from gae_libs.handlers.base_handler import Permission
from model.wf_analysis import WfAnalysis
from waterfall import buildbot
from waterfall import build_util
def _GetFirstFailedBuild(master_name, builder_name, build_number):
"""Checks failed_steps for current_build and finds the first failed build."""
analysis = WfAnalysis.Get(master_name, builder_name, build_number)
if not analysis or not analysis.result['failures']:
return None, None
start_build_number = build_number
failed_steps = []
for failure in analysis.result['failures']:
if failure['last_pass'] and failure['last_pass'] + 1 < start_build_number:
start_build_number = failure['last_pass'] + 1
if failure['first_failure'] < start_build_number:
start_build_number = failure['first_failure']
return start_build_number, failed_steps
def _AllFailedStepsPassed(passed_steps, current_failed_steps):
for current_failed_step in current_failed_steps:
if current_failed_step not in passed_steps:
return False
return True
def GetPossibleRevertInfoFromRevision(revision):
"""Parse message to get information of reverting and reverted cls."""
git_repo = CachedGitilesRepository(
FinditHttpClient(), '')
change_log = git_repo.GetChangeLog(revision)
if not change_log: # pragma: no cover
return {}
reverted_revision = change_log.reverted_revision
if not reverted_revision:
return {}
reverted_cl_change_log = git_repo.GetChangeLog(reverted_revision)
data = {
'fixed_cl_review_url': (reverted_cl_change_log.code_review_url
if reverted_cl_change_log else None),
'fixed_cl_commit_position': (reverted_cl_change_log.commit_position
if reverted_cl_change_log else None),
return data
def _CheckReverts(master_name, builder_name, current_build_number):
"""Checks each cl in current build to see if some of them are reverted.
'action': 'Reverted',
'fixed_cl_commit_position': '341992',
'fixed_revision': 'c9cc182781484f9010f062859cda048afef',
'fixed_cl_review_url': (
'fixing_build_number': 0,
'fixing_build_url': (
'fixing_revision': '208c65020aecfcf305d524058f7ca89363',
'fixing_cl_commit_position': '342013',
'fixing_cl_review_url': (
'fixing_build_number': 2,
'fixing_build_url': (
reverted_cls = []
blamed_cls = {}
steps_pass = False
build_number, current_failed_steps = _GetFirstFailedBuild(
master_name, builder_name, current_build_number)
if not build_number:
return []
while not steps_pass:
# Breaks the loop after the first green build
# or all the current failed steps pass.
build = build_util.DownloadBuildData(master_name, builder_name,
if not build or not
return []
build_info = buildbot.ExtractBuildInfo(master_name, builder_name,
if build_number <= current_build_number:
# All the cls in builds prior to the current build(included)
# should be checked for reverts.
for blamed_revision in build_info.blame_list:
blamed_cls[blamed_revision] = build_number
if (build_info.result == 0 or
_AllFailedStepsPassed(build_info.passed_steps, current_failed_steps)):
steps_pass = True
for cl_in_blame_list in build_info.blame_list:
cls_info = GetPossibleRevertInfoFromRevision(cl_in_blame_list)
if not cls_info:
fixed_revision = cls_info['fixed_revision']
if (fixed_revision in blamed_cls and
build_number > blamed_cls[fixed_revision] and
build_number > current_build_number):
# If a CL and its reverting cl are in the same build,
# it doesn't have any impact on the build failure.
# And possible fix should take effect after the current build.
cls_info['fixed_build_number'] = blamed_cls[fixed_revision]
cls_info['fixed_build_url'] = (buildbot.CreateBuildUrl(
master_name, builder_name, blamed_cls[fixed_revision]))
cls_info['fixing_build_number'] = build_number
cls_info['fixing_build_url'] = (buildbot.CreateBuildUrl(
master_name, builder_name, build_number))
build_number += 1
reverted_cls.sort(key=lambda x: x['fixed_cl_commit_position'])
return reverted_cls
class HelpTriage(BaseHandler):
def HandlePost(self):
"""Returns information to help triage the analysis results.
1. Checks if any CL in current build is reverted in later builds
up until the first green build(included).
2. TODO: Checks if any changed file in current build is changed again in
later builds up until the first green build(included).
url = self.request.get('url').strip()
build_keys = buildbot.ParseBuildUrl(url)
if not build_keys: # pragma: no cover
return {'data': {}}
data = _CheckReverts(*build_keys)
return {'data': data}