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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This module is to handle manual triage of a suspected CL.
This handler will flag the suspected cl as correct or incorrect.
from google.appengine.api import users
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
from gae_libs import token
from gae_libs.handlers.base_handler import BaseHandler
from gae_libs.handlers.base_handler import Permission
from libs import time_util
from model import result_status
from model import suspected_cl_status
from model.base_build_model import BaseBuildModel
from model.wf_analysis import WfAnalysis
from model.wf_suspected_cl import WfSuspectedCL
from waterfall import buildbot
from waterfall.suspected_cl_util import GetCLInfo
def _UpdateSuspectedCL(repo_name,
suspected_cl = WfSuspectedCL.Get(repo_name, revision)
if (not suspected_cl or not suspected_cl.builds):
return False
if not suspected_cl.builds.get(build_key):
# The failure is not a first time failure.
# Will not update suspected_cl but will update analysis.
return True
suspected_cl.builds[build_key]['status'] = cl_status
cl_correct = True
cl_incorrect = True
partial_triaged = False
# Checks if all the builds have been triaged and checks the status of the cl
# on each build.
# If all the builds are correct, the cl is correct;
# If all the builds are incorrect, the cl is incorrect;
# If some builds are correct while others aren't, the cl is partially correct;
# If not all the builds have been triaged, the cl is partially triaged.
for build in suspected_cl.builds.values():
if build['status'] is None:
partial_triaged = True
elif build['status'] == suspected_cl_status.CORRECT:
cl_incorrect = False
cl_correct = False
if partial_triaged:
suspected_cl.status = suspected_cl_status.PARTIALLY_TRIAGED
elif cl_correct:
suspected_cl.status = suspected_cl_status.CORRECT
elif cl_incorrect:
suspected_cl.status = suspected_cl_status.INCORRECT
suspected_cl.status = suspected_cl_status.PARTIALLY_CORRECT
suspected_cl.updated_time = updated_time or time_util.GetUTCNow()
return True
def _UpdateAnalysis(master_name, builder_name, build_number, repo_name,
revision, cl_status):
analysis = WfAnalysis.Get(master_name, builder_name, build_number)
if not analysis or not analysis.suspected_cls:
return False
num_correct = 0
num_incorrect = 0
for cl in analysis.suspected_cls:
if cl['repo_name'] == repo_name and cl['revision'] == revision:
# Updates this cl's status.
cl['status'] = cl_status
# Checks if all the cls have been triaged and checks the status of each cl
# on the build.
if cl.get('status') == suspected_cl_status.CORRECT:
num_correct += 1
elif cl.get('status') == suspected_cl_status.INCORRECT:
num_incorrect += 1
if num_correct + num_incorrect == len(analysis.suspected_cls): # All triaged.
if num_correct == 0:
analysis.result_status = result_status.FOUND_INCORRECT
elif num_incorrect == 0:
analysis.result_status = result_status.FOUND_CORRECT
analysis.result_status = result_status.PARTIALLY_CORRECT_FOUND
return True
def _AppendTriageHistoryRecord(master_name, builder_name, build_number, cl_info,
cl_status, user_name):
analysis = WfAnalysis.Get(master_name, builder_name, build_number)
if not analysis:
triage_record = {
'triage_timestamp': time_util.GetUTCNowTimestamp(),
'user_name': user_name,
'cl_status': cl_status,
'version': analysis.version,
'triaged_cl': cl_info
if not analysis.triage_history:
analysis.triage_history = []
analysis.triage_email_obscured = False
analysis.triage_record_last_add = time_util.GetUTCNow()
def _UpdateSuspectedCLAndAnalysis(master_name, builder_name, build_number,
cl_info, cl_status, user_name):
repo_name, revision = GetCLInfo(cl_info)
build_key = BaseBuildModel.CreateBuildKey(master_name, builder_name,
success = (
_UpdateSuspectedCL(repo_name, revision, build_key, cl_status) and
_UpdateAnalysis(master_name, builder_name, build_number, repo_name,
revision, cl_status))
if success:
_AppendTriageHistoryRecord(master_name, builder_name, build_number, cl_info,
cl_status, user_name)
return success
class TriageSuspectedCl(BaseHandler):
def HandlePost(self):
"""Sets the manual triage result for the cl."""
url = self.request.get('url').strip()
build_info = buildbot.ParseBuildUrl(url)
if not build_info:
return {'data': {'success': False}}
master_name, builder_name, build_number = build_info
cl_status = int(self.request.get('status'))
cl_info = self.request.get('cl_info')
# As the permission level is CORP_USER, we could assume the current user
# already logged in.
user_name = users.get_current_user().email().split('@')[0]
success = _UpdateSuspectedCLAndAnalysis(
master_name, builder_name, build_number, cl_info, cl_status, user_name)
return {'data': {'success': success}}